100T CNC Press Brake with DELEM DA-69T
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100T CNC Press Brake with DELEM DA-69T

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Press Brake with DELEM DA-69T

CNC Press Brake

The Delem Profile-TL series offline software greatly improves the convenience ofengineers and manufacturers when programming and bending processes. Thesoftware gives users the ability to program offine and operate on a computer withouthaving to be connected to a physical machine. With this feature, users can fine-tuneoperations before actual production and spot potential problems in time.Throuah virtual testing and optimization, the software can also sianificantly reducethe downtime of the press brake. Before importing the operating system, the user canfine-tune the production settings in the software environment, so that aftercompleting the current bending task, a new bending task can be started immediatelyno longer having to spend time setting up the bending program on the controllersystem screen of the press brake. This offline software can double productionefficiency and bring significant benefits to the operation of the production line. Youcan get it for free at HARSLE.

Press Brake with DELEM DA-69T

Main Features

A CNC press brake is a specialized machine used in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes to bend and shape sheet metal and plate materials. It is an essential tool in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and more. The term "CNC" stands for Computer Numerical Control, which means that the press brake is controlled by a computer system to precisely bend metal according to specific designs and specifications.

Here are some key features and components of a CNC press brake:

Frame: The press brake has a robust frame that provides stability and support during the bending process. It typically includes a bed and a ram that moves up and down.

Hydraulic System: Most modern CNC press brakes use hydraulic systems to generate the force required for bending metal. Hydraulic cylinders control the movement of the ram.

Die and Punch: The die is a stationary tool that forms the desired bend shape in the metal, while the punch is the moving tool that pushes the metal into the die to create the bend. These tools come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different bending requirements.

CNC Control: The CNC control system is the brain of the press brake. It allows operators to program and control the machine, specifying parameters such as bend angle, bend radius, and material thickness. The CNC control also monitors and adjusts various aspects of the bending process, ensuring accuracy and repeatability.

Backgauge: A CNC press brake often includes a backgauge system, which consists of a set of fingers or stops that can be positioned to accurately locate the metal sheet or plate. This ensures that each bend is made at the correct position along the workpiece.

Safety Features: Press brakes are equipped with safety features to protect operators from accidents. These may include safety light curtains, interlock systems, and emergency stop buttons.

Tooling: CNC press brakes use a wide range of tooling, including different punches and dies, to achieve various bending profiles and angles. The selection of tooling depends on the specific bending requirements of the job.

The CNC control system plays a crucial role in the versatility and precision of a press brake. It allows for complex bending sequences and accurate repeatability, making it suitable for producing a wide range of metal parts with high precision.

CNC press brakes are known for their efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in metal forming processes. They are used for tasks like bending, flanging, coining, and hemming, and are essential machines in modern metalworking and fabrication industries.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 100T4000
1 Bending Force kN 1000
2 Bending Length mm 4000
3 Columns Distance mm 3200
4 Throat Depth mm 400
5 Ram Stroke mm 200
6 Daylight mm 480
7 Table Width mm 100
8 Oil Tank L 280
9 Front Support pcs 2
10 Main Servo Motor KW 7.5
11 Pump Displacement mm/r 16
12 Hydraulic Pressure MPa 28
13 Dimension Length mm 4400
14 Width mm 1600
15 Height mm 2650
16 Speed Rapid Speed mm/sec 200
17 Working Speed mm/sec 0-15
18 Return Speed mm/sec 160
19 Backgauge X-Axis Travel mm 550
20 R-Axis Travel mm 160
21 Positioning Accuracy mm 0.05
22 Stop Finger pcs 4

Product Details

Press Brake with DELEM DA-69TPress Brake with DELEM DA-69TPress Brake with DELEM DA-69TPress Brake with DELEM DA-69T

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