160T Press Brake Machine with DELEM DA58T for Sale
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160T Press Brake Machine with DELEM DA58T for Sale

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Press Brake Machine with DELEM DA58T


CNC Press Brake

A CNC press brake is a machine tool used in metal fabrication to bend and shape sheet metal and metal plates with a high degree of precision. The term "CNC" stands for Computer Numerical Control, indicating that these machines are equipped with computer-controlled systems to accurately control the bending process. CNC press brakes are commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and general manufacturing.

Key features and components of a CNC press brake include:

Press Brake Frame: The primary structure of the machine that supports the upper and lower beams, as well as the bending tools.

Bending Tooling: This includes the upper and lower dies, which are used to apply pressure to the sheet metal and create the desired bend. The tooling can be changed to accommodate various bending angles and profiles.

Backgauge: A computer-controlled backgauge system that positions the sheet metal accurately for precise bending. The backgauge can move both horizontally and vertically to align the workpiece with the bending tool.

Hydraulic System: Many CNC press brakes use hydraulic systems to apply force and control the bending process. This allows for precise pressure control and a wide range of bending capabilities.

Control System: The heart of a CNC press brake is its computer control system. This system typically includes a graphical user interface where operators can input the bending parameters, such as bend angles, tool selection, and material thickness. The CNC system then controls the movement of the machine's components, including the upper beam and backgauge, to achieve the desired bend.

The operation of a CNC press brake involves the following steps:

Material Placement: The operator places the sheet metal or plate to be bent on the machine's bed, aligning it with the backgauge.

Setup: Using the CNC control panel or software, the operator specifies the bending parameters, such as bend angle, material thickness, and tooling selection.

CNC Programming: The CNC control system translates the operator's input into precise instructions for the machine's movements.

Bending Process: The machine's upper beam, equipped with the appropriate bending tool, descends and exerts pressure on the material, bending it to the specified angle. The backgauge ensures that the material is accurately positioned for each bend.

Removal and Inspection: After the bending process, the operator removes the bent piece and inspects it to ensure it meets the desired specifications.

CNC press brakes offer several advantages, including high precision, repeatability, and the ability to produce complex shapes and bends. These machines are particularly useful for tasks requiring multiple bends in different directions or for high-volume production.

The CNC control system allows for easy programming and quick setup, making CNC press brakes a versatile and essential tool in modern metal fabrication and manufacturing operations.

Press Brake Machine with DELEM DA58T

Main Features

● The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the CNC press brake.

● WE67K Series CNC press brake is redesigned based on users’ preference to increase productivity and keep the costs at minimum level with high bending accuracy and low-cost maintenance.

● High quality and repetitive bending accuracy is obtained by using synchronized cylinder and proportional valves

● Bending angle calculation and back gauge position calculation can be achieve by inputting metal sheet material information, sheet size and punch and die size.

● Crowning system can work with CNC controller automatically to achieve higher bending accuracy and linearity. Hydraulic crowning and motorized crowing system are optional.

● CNC back gauge with several axes can work with different shape work-pieces well.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 160T/4000
1 Bending force Kn 1600
2 Bending Length mm 4000
3 Columns distance mm 3200
4 Throat depth mm 400
5 Cylinder stroke(Y1,Y2) mm 200
6 Die loading height(Daylight) mm 420
7 Y-axis down speed mm/sce 140
8 Y-axis return speed mm/sce 120
9 Y-axis working speed mm/sce 4~15adjustable)
10 Y-axis accuracy mm ±0.01
11 Work-piece linearity mm 0.3/m
12 Max. Back gauge distance mm 500
13 X-axis and R-axis speed mm/sec 400
14 X-axis and R-axis accuracy mm ±0.01
15 Front sliding arms pcs 2
16 Bending angle accuracy (') ≤±18
17 Back gauge finger stopper pcs 4
18 Main motor KW 11
19 Dimension Length(mm) 4100
Width(mm) 1600
Height(mm) 2550
20 Weight kg 12500

Product Details

Press Brake Machine with DELEM DA58TPress Brake Machine with DELEM DA58TPress Brake Machine with DELEM DA58TPress Brake Machine with DELEM DA58TPress Brake Machine with DELEM DA58TPress Brake Machine with DELEM DA58TPress Brake Machine with DELEM DA58T

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