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4 Characteristics of Hybrid CNC Press Brake from the Development History of Press Brake
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4 Characteristics of Hybrid CNC Press Brake from the Development History of Press Brake

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With the development of society, the increase of labor costs, and the continuous improvement of product requirements, many companies have continuously improved the performance and requirements of production equipment, and as an important production equipment in the forging and sheet metal industries-CNC press brake.It is also constantly updated and developed. This article will talk about the development history of CNC press brakes and the performance and advantages of new CNC press brakes: CNC press brakes have evolved from simple CNC (Torsion Bar CNC) press brakes to the current popular electro-hydraulic CNC press brakes. Then to the more intelligent servo CNC press brake, and finally to the hybrid servo-driven CNC press brake which will be detailed in this article.

hybrid Press brake

In 1970, CYBELEC launched the world's first CNC bending system.
In 1974, external storage was introduced to replace paper tape storage.
In 1978, the world's first electro-hydraulic servo press brake CNC system was developed using microprocessor technology.
In 1984, the first CNC system with graphic display and bending process.
In 1986, the first bending program with timely correction of angles.
In 1987, the first CNC system with 3D graphics display.
In 1990, the real-time laser angle measuring device was used in bending technology.
In 1998, real-time dynamic compensation technology was the first to use the CNC system of Windows operating system.
In 2002, the epoch-making digital sheet metal processing solution VPSS (Virtual Simulation System) was launched.

hybrid Press brake

At present, the future trend of the sheet metal equipment industry is to develop in the direction of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, and automation. The hybrid servo-driven CNC press brake produced by Haas CNC came into being, which perfectly embodies the superior performance of energy saving, high efficiency, automation, unmanned and other aspects.

hybrid Press brake


Let's first look at the advantages of hybrid servo-driven CNC press brake in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. The hybrid press brake is driven by the most advanced double servo pump control system in the world. We will call it E-Z servo drive below for the time being. The E-Z servo pump replaces the traditional servo proportional valve and control technology. This drive solution saves more space, hydraulic oil and energy consumption than ordinary hydraulic systems. The distribution of oil is basically on-demand, without throttling loss, and the amount of hydraulic oil used is only about 1/3 or even 1/5 of that of ordinary hydraulic systems. It can achieve real energy saving.

hybrid Press brake

Energy Efficiency

In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, the advantages of hybrid servo-driven CNC press brakes in terms of power consumption and energy efficiency are more eye-catching. Compared with the traditional bending system mode, the energy efficiency of the hybrid press brake is very high, because the system only uses the energy required by the press brake in each stage, and most of the pressure from the bottleneck is reduced and offset, so energy consumption It can be reduced by more than 75%, and it can even be reduced to about 5% of other systems in standby mode. The position control accuracy of 5μm is the key to this system. The use of a two-way gear pump reduces the noise of the whole machine. When the machine is running at the highest speed, the noise value does not exceed 60 decibels. The sensitivity to oil cleanliness is reduced, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

hybrid Press brake

High Efficiency

The hybrid servo-driven CNC press brake also has excellent performance in terms of high efficiency. The position accuracy of the slider or the precision of the parts is not lower than that of the proportional valve control system, or even higher. After actual testing, the repeat positioning accuracy of the slider is ±0.01mm, and the highest accuracy is 0.005mm. Under the premise of ensuring the bending accuracy, its no-load and working speed can be increased by 15% to 25% compared with ordinary CNC press brakes, and the return speed can be increased by more than 50%. The increase in working speed has greatly improved the productivity of sheet metal. This is due to its own excellent hydraulic system. Long-term fast reciprocating work can also control the oil temperature within a stable range. The internal temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. The oil temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Reduce the risk of oil leakage, higher stability, and increase the service life of hydraulic systems and cylinders.

hybrid Press brake

Unmanned Operation

Hybrid servo-driven CNC press brake in terms of automation functions can automatically select tools, automatically calculate the program, robot automatic bending, automatic laser detection, automatic feedback and recognition of detection results, etc., and automatic compensation on normal press brakes Compared with anti-collision control, the hybrid press brake can be said to have achieved unmanned operation in the true sense. The installation is also simpler, eliminating the need for complicated installation procedures such as motors, oil pumps, tank cleaning, pipelines, etc., which can improve user installation efficiency. It is more economical and more cost-effective. It saves the original motor, oil pump, oil tank, and hydraulic valve block, saves complicated pipeline installation and labor costs for tank cleaning, and greatly saves power consumption and hydraulic oil usage. It works perfectly with the robot to realize a real unmanned chemical factory. The staff can complete the whole process of ordering-cutting-production-transportation-finished products only by operating the computer system in the office, and it can take a long time. Continuous work.

hybrid Press brake

In summary, the hybrid servo-driven CNC press brake produced by Haas CNC uses a servo motor connected with a two-way internal gear pump. The speed of the servo motor is controlled by the CNC system to control the output oil flow of the oil pump and control the press brake. The two cylinders are synchronized to achieve precise control of the position of the slider, with faster down speed and higher working efficiency. The control system is directly connected to the oil cylinder, which saves the need for the connection of the intermediate pipeline, and can realize the oil-free connection of the press brake. The installation is simple and easy, reducing oil leakage and other problems, energy saving and environmental protection. Hybrid CNC press brake has reached Industry 4.0 standards in the artificial intelligence field of industrial manufacturing. It is a high-end CNC press brake. It will certainly occupy an important position in the family of press brakes and will also be in the field of China's industrial manufacturing industry. To have a role to play.



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