40T Full Electric Servo Press Brake With DA53T
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40T Full Electric Servo Press Brake With DA53T

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Main Features

HARSLE electrical press brake EP-40T2000 features the advantages of high acceleration, deceleration, and fast response times of the servo-electric drive system. Compared to conventional press brakes, considerable productivity increase can be reached; reducing cycle times by up to 30% or more is the reality.

The equipment adopts a spindle power box to transmit bending pressure, heavy-duty ball screw and bearing, ultra-long life design, and sealed protection design to ensure key parts are not affected by external dust. The punch and die can be selected according to different processed products, with special treatments for long and durable service; the dual-axis backgauge (X+R) maximumly meets all bending requirements.

The machine is equipped with the DELEM DA53T control system, which is reliable and powerful, and simple to operate, helping companies to produce efficiently. HARSLE is committed to providing innovative solutions for high-precision processing.


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