45T Pneumatic Sheet Metal Power Press Punching Machine
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45T Pneumatic Sheet Metal Power Press Punching Machine

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Pneumatic Punching Machine


45T Pneumatic Punching Machine

A 45T pneumatic punching machine refers to a pneumatic-powered punching machine with a punching force or capacity of 45 tons. The "T" stands for tons, which is a unit of force commonly used to measure the capacity or strength of industrial machines like punching machines.

Here's a breakdown of the terms:

1. 45T: This indicates the punching force of the machine, which is 45 tons. It's the amount of force the machine can exert to punch holes, cut shapes, or perform other similar operations on materials.

2. Pneumatic: Pneumatic machines use compressed air or gas to power their operations. In the case of a pneumatic punching machine, compressed air is used to generate the necessary force to carry out the punching action.

A pneumatic punching machine with a 45-ton punching force is suitable for punching holes or shaping various materials, depending on the specific design and capabilities of the machine. The punching force is a critical factor in determining the thickness and type of materials that can be effectively processed using this machine.

Pneumatic Punching Machine

Main Features

● The machine features fine steel plates welded machine body, tempering treatment (or vibration relief), shot blasting, rigidness, accuracy and stability.

● Vertical located crank shaft, compact structure; the crank shaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching, which has a good smooth finish and rotates flexibly; lengthened rectangle hex guideway with a surface of bronze plate, which has high guide accuracy.

● Pneumatic dual balance cylinder, balanced sliding block and punch weight, which reduce impact and noise, eliminate the clearance between connecting rod and sliding block, reduce the impactand wear of the stress parts.

● The whole machine adopt PLC centralized control. The gas circuits adopt imported safety dualvavle, which can achieve jog, inch, single and continuous punching.

● The key parts such as sliding block, guideways, worktable plate, connecting rod, and are all castings made of resin sand, which improved the surface roughness 1-2 level, and improve the size accuracy 2-3 level.

● The 60T-level machines adopt the electrical control device to adjust the die height. Fine configuration, the key parts like pneumatic components,electrical components, sealing parts, buttons and etc all adopt imported  parts.

Technical Parameters

No. Item. Unit JH21-45T
1 Nominal Force KN 450
2 Nominal Stroke mm 4
3 Slide Stroke mm 120
4 Shut Height mm 270
5 Shut Height Adjustable mm 60
6 Throat depth mm 225
7 Column Distance mm 515
8 Table Size mm 825*440
9 Table Thickness mm 110
10 Blanking hole diameter mm 150
11 Bloster surface height mm 800
12 Motor KW 5.5
13 Weight kg 3550
14 Dimension mm 1585*1075*2390
15 Air pressure MPa 0.5
16 Times of Stroke Fixed times/min 80
Variable times/min(Optional) 50-95
17 Slide Surface Left and Right mm 410
Front and Back mm 340

Product Details

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