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Bending Robot-The Development Trend of Sheet Metal
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Bending Robot-The Development Trend of Sheet Metal

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In the current heavy industry market where the epidemic is severe, there is such a sheet metal processing factory that has made a profit of 270% just after its establishment. The reason is that the factory owner chose a high-quality machine supplier such as HARSLE when he first purchased the machine. He also installed a bending robot for his electro-hydraulic bending machine under the recommendation of the engineer, which greatly improved the work efficiency and workpiece accuracy. Similarly, with the continuous progress of society, the era of Industrialization 4.0 has arrived, and the development of the sheet metal industry in the future will become more and more advanced, and robots will also enter thousands of factories.

Bending Robot

Press Brake With Bending Robot

Assembling the bending robot for the electro-hydraulic bending machine is equivalent to the seventh axis of the bending machine, which greatly improves the quantity and quality of the output of manufacturers in the metal and mechanical processing industry. Despite the differences in processes, materials and specialized products, bending robots still allow manufacturers to adjust production lines and stay one step ahead of competitors in the metal and machining industries.

Bending Robot

Accuracy: Machine tools and parts are consistently accurate to 0.1 mm (0.004 in).

Adaptability: It can quickly adapt to various machining processes, and the bending robot has the ability to deploy quickly and flexibly, which can quickly adapt the production line to new products.

High production capacity: With the cooperation of the bending robot, the processing and pick-and-place of some larger or heavier metal plates becomes more flexible and efficient, which greatly increases the production capacity.

Fast payback: Collaborative bending robots and sheet metal machinery can quickly recover investment costs, and are affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

bending machine

Using industrial robots to complete metal and machining operations increases productivity and product accuracy while reducing time-to-market. This will be your key advantage in winning in this industry.

Traditional 6-axis Press Brake with Bending Robot

The use of the bending robot can be very convenient to bend the sheet metal parts. At present, the mainstream use of the bending robot on the market is by fixing the position of the bending robot, and then through the industrial bending robot to put the sheet metal into the bending machine for bending, which can be very good to achieve the bending of the sheet metal. But the existing bending robot is mainly in a fixed position, so that the bending robot can only through its own 6-axis linkage production, can not realize the real-time follow of large or with the bending robot position interference bending workpiece, can not fully cover the production needs of products, greatly limiting its flexibility and expansion.

Bending Robot

Bending Robot

Upgrade 7-axis Press Brake with Bending Robot

The 7-axis linkage automatic follow-up bending system of the bending robot is composed of a bending machine, an industrial bending robot body, an electrical control system, a professional bending software package, an external linear axis guide, and bending process skills. The significance of the 7-axis linkage of the bending robot automatically following the bending system is as follows:

1. Expand the bending processing range

2. Make up for the bottleneck of large workpiece bending

3. Expand the bending radius of the robot

4. Unmanned safety production

5. Automatic edge finding, precise size

6. No need for pit engineering and ground work

7. Bend backward (negative angle)

Bending Robot

Bending Robot

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