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CNC turret punch press ultimate guide

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CNC turret punch is one of the main categories of CNC punch, the English name (CNC Turret Punch Press), abbreviation NCT. Numerical Control Turret Punch (NCT) integrates machine, electricity, liquid and gas. It is a pressure processing equipment for punching and shallow drawing and forming on the plate through the turret punch die.


Numerical Control Turret Punch (NCT) is composed of computer control system, mechanical or hydraulic power system, servo feeding mechanism, mold library, mold selection system, peripheral programming system, etc.

Numerical control turret punch (NCT) is a processing program compiled by programming software (or manual). The servo feeding mechanism sends the sheet to the position to be processed. At the same time, the mold selection system selects the corresponding mold in the mold library, and the hydraulic power system Press according to the program to automatically complete the processing of the workpiece.


Numerical control turret punch (NCT) is divided into full-electric servo CNC turret punch, mechanical CNC turret punch (flywheel CNC turret punch), and hydraulic CNC turret punch.

Among them, the full-electric servo CNC turret punch press is a brand-new type of turret punch. It adopts a servo motor direct drive, which retains the advantages of a simple, mature and reliable mechanical main drive structure. At the same time, it has better characteristics than a hydraulic main drive. Remarkable features and powerful functions. It adopts full-electric servo intelligent striking head, which can realize various processes such as punching, forming, rolling and lettering.

Mechanical turret punch presses are widely used because of long-term stability and long life, and the price is lower than that of full-electric servo CNC turret punch presses, but the efficiency and functions are far inferior to the full-electric servo CNC turret punch press.

Hydraulic turret punch presses have gradually faded out of public view due to the existence of consumable hydraulic oil and they are not suitable for working in high temperature environments.

CNC turret punch press ultimate guide

Motion axis

X axis: the servo drive axis that moves the workpiece along the direction perpendicular to the length of the bed

Y axis: Servo drive axis that moves the workpiece along the direction parallel to the length of the bed

A axis: Rotating turret-type tool magazine selects the rotation axis of the mold

C axis: the rotating axis for automatic mold indexing, which can rotate the mold at any angle

CNC turret punch press ultimate guide

Processing methods

1) Single punching: complete punching in a single pass, including straight line distribution, arc distribution, circumferential distribution, and grid hole punching.

2) Continuous punching in the same direction: using rectangular molds to partially overlap the processing method, it is possible to process long holes and trim edges.

3) Multi-direction continuous punching: the processing method of using small molds to process large holes.

4) Nibble: Use a small round die to continuously punch the arc in a small step.

5) Single forming: the processing method of forming by shallow drawing at one time according to the mold shape.

6) Continuous forming: forming processing methods that are larger than the mold size, such as large-size shutters, rolling ribs, and rolling steps.

7) Array forming: processing multiple same or different workpiece processing methods on a large board.

CNC turret punch press ultimate guide

Processing station

General turret molds are generally classified according to the aperture size that the mold can process to facilitate the selection of molds. Usually divided into five gears: A, B, C, D, and E.

A(1/2”) station: processing range Φ1.5~Φ12.7mm

B(1-1/2”) station: processing range<Φ31.7mm

C(2”) station: processing range<Φ50.8mm

D(3-1/2”) station: processing range<Φ88.9mm

E(4-1/2”) station: processing range<Φ114.3mm

Usually when the random configuration needs to be changed, 1D=8A=4B=B+C.

CNC turret punch press ultimate guide

Application industry

Products are widely used in cold stamping processing industries such as electric power equipment, chassis cabinets, curtain wall decoration, household appliances, elevator industry, fire door industry, air conditioners, kitchen equipment, office equipment, hardware furniture, medical machinery, lighting lamps, etc. The single punching method and the nibbling punching method are used to punch out holes and parts of various shapes and sizes, which is especially suitable for the punching of a variety of medium and small batches or single-piece plates.

CNC turret punch press ultimate guide


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