Classification and structure description of bending machine
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Classification and structure description of bending machine

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Common classification of bending machine:

1. Manual bending machine

The structure of this type of bending machine is relatively simple. It is labor-intensive through manual operation and suitable for small-scale processing.

2. CNC bending machine

The CNC bending machine is essentially a CNC bending machine mold for bending thin plates. The mold is composed of a bracket, a table, and a clamping plate, and the attraction of the pressure plate is generated by energizing the coil, thereby completing the clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base.

3. Hydraulic CNC Bending Machine

Hydraulic press brakes can be divided into torsion axis synchronization, machine-hydraulic synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization according to different synchronization methods. The hydraulic press brake is divided into an upper-moving type and a lower-moving type according to different movement modes.

The hydraulic bending machine is mainly used in sheet metal industry, such as bending, forming of the automobile, door and window, steel structure, etc .; v-grooving of thin metal sheet and other fields. Its structure and working characteristics are the all-steel welded structure, vibration eliminates stress, high mechanical strength, and good rigidity. Hydraulic upper transmission, stable and reliable. Mechanical stop, synchronized torsion axis, high precision. Adjustment of back gauge distance, a stroke of the upper slider, manual fine adjustment, digital display.

Manual bending machine

Structure description:

1. Slider section: It adopts hydraulic transmission. The slider part is composed of the slider, oil cylinder, and mechanical stopper fine-tuning structure. The left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the frame, the piston (rod) drives the slider to move up and down by hydraulic pressure, and the mechanical stop is controlled and adjusted by the numerical control system;

2. Worktable part: Operated by the button box, the electric motor drives the material rack to move back and forth, and the movement distance is controlled by the numerical control system. The minimum reading is 0.01 mm;

3. Synchronization system: This machine is a mechanical synchronization mechanism composed of torsion shaft, swing arm, articulated bearing, etc. It has a simple structure, stable and reliable performance, and high synchronization accuracy. The mechanical stop is adjusted by the motor, and the numerical control system controls the value;

4. Material blocking mechanism: The material blocking is driven by a motor, and the two screws are moved synchronously through a chain operation. The numerical control system controls the size of the material blocking.

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