Closed Type CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table
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Closed Type CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table

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Main Features

HARSLE HSX series closed-type fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed closed structure, which can effectively reduce dust and prevent the light source of eye damage, environmental protection and safety, the body is strong and sturdy with high resistance. HSX series is suitable for cutting in the power range from 1KW to 30KW. The auxiliary gases generally choose air, oxygen, and nitrogen. The system can be automatically controlled for stable and accurate intelligent production. The main components use international first-line brands, stable and controllable quality, the Japan YASKAWA or FUJI motor, the Raycus, Max, or IPG laser, the water-cooled machine of the S&A or the Hanli, Japanese SHIMPO reducer, Japanese YASKAWA servo motor, Taiwan HIWN guide rail, Taiwan YYC rack, etc.; The fiber laser head can accurately cut various materials including aluminum, copper, etc., with high efficiency and low post-maintenance; its cutting software supports a variety of graphic data formats, and the original data in other software formats can be directly converted into international standard graphic data, imported external files can be automatically optimized, and the optimization process can be customized; the cutting and loading & unloading processes are carried out simultaneously by using exchange table to effectively improve work efficiency. The machine can be added with an air compressor, voltage stabilizer, transformer, or dust removal device according to the customer's requirements. HARSLE is committed to providing innovative solutions for high-precision processing.


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