How to prepare the cutting machine
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How to prepare the cutting machine

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how to prepare the cutting machine

  1. Wear protective clothing before work. The tops must not be open.

  2. The machine tool operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and use of shears.

  3. Check all electrical facilities and tank potential before turning on the unit. Do not operate until ready.

  4. After starting the motor, the emergency stop s witch button must be tested to be in good condition.

  5. Confirm the plate thickness before the cutting plate, then adjust the clearance of the blade on the right side of the machine tool and lock it after the adjustment.

  6. Adjust the processing size as needed. After the machine tool is adjusted, press the calculator button (long press, stop after reaching the value), and then use the tape measure to adjust the size.

  Before the machine tool operation, it should make 1-3 empty trips, and then perform the cutting work after normal.

  8. When cutting the board, in order to ensure the machined parts are right-angled, the machining part shall be placed next to the block on the left side of the machine, and then the cutting board shall be started. The processing button (foot switch)

  9. When the hydraulic shearing machine is in operation and processing, the hand needs to work on the workpiece, but it is forbidden to reach into the guardrail (blade shear bar).

  10. The thought must be concentrated when processing operations. It is strictly forbidden to play with one another.

  11. When two or more people operate, the main operator should check the situation of the cooperators before starting the system and inform them that the switch (foot switch) is activated after ensuring that there is no danger.

  12. If the machine is found to be malfunctioning during use, the power should be cut off immediately and the machine shut down.

  13. The power must be turned off when adjusting the machine. Pay attention to the safety of the hand when moving the workpiece.

  14. After the work is completed, the power supply should be cut off to ensure the maintenance of the machine tool and the environment.


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