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Hybrid Servo CNC Press Brake with HOERBIGER ePrAX® - THE eDrive

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Schematic Overview


The hybrid ePrAX® press drive newly developed by HOERBIGER revolutionizes conventional solutions for press brakes. 

It is an electrohydraulic system which combines the advantages of both drive technologies: Unlike an electric drive, it is powerful and durable thanks to hydraulics, but owing to the compact closed design dispenses with oil lines, making it clean and leakfree to operate, because all the components, including the tank system, are compactly integrated in the ePrAX®. The ePrAX® translates the electrical input from the machine controller (CNC) in to mechanical linear motion. To accomplish this, the machine controller communicates with the axis controller and subsequently with the motor controller. The synchronized actuators follow preselected profiles, consisting of a working motion or a rapid motion and working motion, using controlled tracing. The drive controls the position of the bending tool - and its force during stamping - with a speedvariable motor-pump unit.


The ePrAX® is an intelligent, integrated press drive with a piping-free, closed hydraulic system with innovative functional intelligence.The ePrAX® offers customers the following benefits:

  • Plug & Work - Reduced assembly and start-up times due to completely preassembled and tested actuator

  • Fast - increased performance up to 30% by reducing the cycle time (shorter ramp times)

  • Precise - up to 5 μm positioning accuracy

  • Up to 7,000 operating hours and after this significantly longer maintenance cycles as standard systems

  • Higher energy efficiency compared to conventional electro-hydraulic and electromechanical solutions

  • Phenomenal reduced noise development in all operating modes

  • Compared to conventional hydraulic drives:

    - higher stiffness and controllability due to internal initial pressure

    - piping free

    - reduced temperature dependence

    - considerably reduced tank volume (up to 95%)

    - high reliability through compact, closed system

    - easy to use in application (no hydraulic expertise necessary)

Technical Data
Pressing forcekN550850
Working strokemm280280
Max. Rapid speedmm/s230230
Max. working speedmm/s1010
Positioning accuracyμm5
Drive power(standard)kW4,45 / 4.456,07 / 6.07
Weight per actuatorkg420600
senkrecht / vertical
Ambient temperature range°C0 bis / to +40
Rust protection
Surface protected by protective oil
Protection class

Interference resistance

EMV gemäß / EMC according

DIN 55011 / 61000-6-2

Voltage (controller)
3x400 (-15%) ... 3x460 (+10%)
Device connected load (controller)
9,4 / 9.422,5 / 22.5
Power dissipation (controller)
Block Diagram


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