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Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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Quality Assurance In the real senses of Shearing Operations

How to provide quality assurance for your metal produce? Is it possible to maintain precision for long term? These are some of the important concerns which machining industry professionals have. Though technical advancements have been included in workshop tools, yet there are certain strategies which can be adopted to assure quality.

Methods to Ensure Quality

  1.Understanding Limits of Specifications of your Shear

  Specifications or parts of the device have to be understood well before starting with operation. There will be limitations for certain parts which can be defined as the limit of performance and overloading of material will cause deformation of resulting product. For superiority of performance, compatibility of machining with work materials has to be considered first. This will be considered as the basic requirement for using shear without precision issues even during continuous production.

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  2.Regular or Routine Inspection

  Routine inspection of blades, bed surface, positioning features and other operational aspects is another important method to reach perfection in quality. If it is hydraulics, checking for the hoses may help to prevent delays in mechanisms.

  3.Ensure Blade Adjustment

  As far as achieving machining results are concerned, it is mandatory to ensure blade adjustment in accordance with the work piece thickness and bend ability along with the cutting tool. Cracking of work materials may possibly happen if blade adjustment is not set up appropriately.

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  4.Gib Clearance

  Gib clearance is the slight distance between hold down pins and the machining bed surface. Positioning is most important as this feature allows for easy adjustment of upper and lower blades. It acts as support for ram and blades as well.

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  5.Correct Adjustment of Hold Down Pin will prevent Machining Distortions

  It is very important to adjust manual hold down in accordance with the work material thickness that has to be machined. Improper adjustments or negligence will lead to overload and result in distortions. If distortions occur it will result in inaccurate tooling.

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  6.Check out for Low Rake Angle

  Blade is an important specification to be ensured for if you are concerned about quality of cutting. While buying hydraulic guillotine shearing device, which is used for working on metals which are comparatively thin, it would be better to ensure low rake angle in the blade as this will help for strong and precise cutting. Small sized guillotine cutters are provided with adjustable rakes and management of proper adjustment helps to obtain superiority in finishing.

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  Backguages control the dropping down of work material pieces at the time of machining. Regular adjustment is highly recommended and this will also help for maintaining precise machining setup and reach excellence in performance.

  8.Work Material Grade-Significance of checking

  Quality control is not confined with checking tooling elements alone, selection of work material may help to reach perfection of tooling. The following points may help,

●Material grade

●Thickness which can be managed by the equipment

●The required or desired shape of cutting required and the suitability of material have to be matched with the device capacity.

  9.Preventing Vibration

  Vibration can also cause distortion and end up in deformation again. This is yet another method to reduce mistakes in machining and maintain superiority if finished products.


  Apart from investment prospects and fulfilling tooling demands, there are lots of methods which can be included or followed to promise for quality assurance with shearing machine. Visit Yash Machine Tools to find the best model of cutting apparatus which can withstand assurance issues on quality.


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