Installation of hydraulic shearing machine
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Installation of hydraulic shearing machine

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Packing/shipment of hydraulic shearing machine

All machines leaving the factory are packed with squaring arm and foot panel tied to the hand guard. Working tools and operation manual are packed into one box.

All exposed surfaces of the machine are coated with rust guard, easily removable by kerosene or solvent.

Lifting the hydraulic shearing machine

Use only approved and safe wire rope to lift this machine from two lifting point which is located at both side frame of the machine.

hydraulic shearing machine drawinghydraulic shearing machine drawing


All our shears are designed to use the foundation. Details please check the attached foundation drawing.


This hydraulic shearing machine must be properly leveled to give a good cut. Leveling is done by putting a good leveling gauge at the plate hold down area. Always pre-prepare five pieces of base plate(dimension 150x150x9mm,minimum) below machine footing to prevent leveling screw from digging into the concrete floor.

On completion of leveling, a cement grout mixture must be packed under and around the feet to maintain correct leveled position.

Electrical installation

Be sure that the local power supply is suitable for this hydraulic shearing machine before any electrical power up. Connect power cable to the bottom left of the electrical panel.

Some machine may require N (Neutral) wire.

Electrical diagram of hydraulic shearing machine

hydraulic shearing machine drawing

hydraulic shearing machine drawing


The following steps are to be cared for by the owner and must be carried out by specialized personnel.

Check the hydraulic shearing machine nameplate and confirm that the wiring of the machine

Corresponds to the available power in your facility.

If the required power does not meet the requirement of the machine please contact your electrical supplier.

The power incoming to the machine should be fused so that the machine can be fully disconnected for repair.

The electric drawings check the following attachments, the different controller has different drawings.


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