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Frequently asked questions.

  • Q How to handle the motor doesn't work in E21 conrtoller

    A If the machine motor can not run normally on E21 controller, pls try below steps.
    1. pls check if you have already loose all the emergency switch 
    2. if not works, this is the thermal overload switch, pls press the white one to reset.
  • Q How to handle the oil leakage on the press cylinder

    A If the oil laek from the part marked red as below during shearing, you may do as follow:


    1.Loosen the four screws of the oil leakage cylinder


    2.Replace the damaged seal

  • Q How to solve the oil leakage from the welding line on the tanks

    First wipe the oil clean, after a period of time if the oil continues to seep out, then it should come from the weld line. Then, after draining all the oil, do the repair welding.
  • Q How to solve the oil leakage from the slider

    A Generally speaking, oil leakage from the slide of the punching machine is caused by a damaged oil seal inside the slide. Just remove the slider and replace the damaged oil seal.
  • Q How to adjust the stop fingers

    A 1. Paraller each stop finger first: the length of  one stop finger at both side of the backguage should be same.

    2. The length from stop fingers to the die should also be the same. 
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