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Maintenance of bending machine tooling and maintenance
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Maintenance of bending machine tooling and maintenance

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In the bending machine work process, in addition to the bending machine itself and the operation of workers have high requirements, bending machine tooling is also vital, so what are the maintenance skills of bending machine tooling? Here's a look at it!

All our tools are made of special carbon steel, inductively hardened to 50-60Hrc in the working part and ground. The grinding process is considered necessary to achieve the best results, and Haas CNC rationalizes every detail of it, from the grinding wheel to the working speed, workpiece placement and the final finishing process. The large number of working machines, including eight models of grinding machines, allows Haas CNC to reach a high level of production, ensuring a good quality/price ratio. Although the bending machine tooling is a consumable item, if we use and maintain it properly, the life of the tooling can be greatly extended.

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Daily Maintenance

1. First of all, before turning on the power of the bending machine, you must clean the iron chips in the lower mold slot of the bending machine and test it before bending.

2. The downward pressure of the mold during bending should not exceed the bending threshold of the mold, otherwise the mold will deform or even break.

3. When bending, the size of the lower die slot should be appropriate. The formula for calculating the relationship between the width of the lower die slot of the electro-hydraulic bending machine and the plate thickness is: V slot width = plate thickness x 8.

Material thickness t  0.5~2.5mm 3~8mm 9~10mm >12mm
Width of lower die opening V 6 x t 8 x t 10 x t 12 x t

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Al δb=300MPa F=F(table) x 0.65
SS δb=700MPa F=F(table) x 1.6

4. Clean up the bending machine tooling after one day of work, then put the tooling that will not be used the next day and put it into the tooling cabinet.

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Maintenance Steps

1. Apply the mold maintenance wax or maintenance oil to the mold or industrial cleaning cloth, pay attention to the cleaning cloth should be soft and hard, too soft may not be completely wipe the mold clean, too hard may leave scratches on the mold.

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2. The operator wears gloves, holds the cloth and rubs the mold in the direction of the height of the mold, not reciprocally, but only in one direction.

3. At the end of final maintenance, just wipe the mold clean with a rag.

4. when there is no rust stains on the surface of the mold, spray the maintenance wax onto the rag to wipe the mold can be.

5. If the air humidity is large or the mold is used more frequently, it is recommended to maintain every two days; on the contrary, it can be maintained once a week.

6. It is recommended to wear gloves when loading and unloading molds.

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Mold Maintenance Oil

Mold maintenance oil has good anti-high temperature and bad media effect, and plastic and artificial rubber have good compatibility. The maintenance oil is suitable for high temperature or dry chemical aerosol environment, even in the poor environment will not produce decomposition phenomenon. The success of this mold oil comes from the imported high-tech formula, its superior distribution ability, lubrication, heat dissipation and excellent friction reduction, anti-wear, anti-rust performance, and does not erode the mold material, can resist high temperature and can quickly degrade the biological characteristics of the world widely recognized. Make sure the oiled area is dry and clean before use, and do not mix with other grease. Do not mix with other greases. When using and storing, prevent impurities from being mixed.

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Performance Characteristics:

1.High temperature resistance up to 480℃, can effectively protect mechanical equipment against sintering, no carbon accumulation, reduce downtime and prolong service life.

2. Excellent oxidation stability performance to prevent high temperature deterioration of grease.

3. Excellent mechanical stability and suitable adhesion to avoid grease loss.

4. Excellent high and low temperature performance to ensure the normal operation of bearings in a wide temperature range.

5. Good water resistance, suitable for lubrication of bearings in wet environment.

6. Good lubricity, protect the bearing to reduce wear.

7. Excellent overall performance, to ensure a long service life of the bearing.

8. Excellent anti-wear and anti-scuffing.

9. Excellent anti-flammability, anti-thermal oxidation stability, very low volatility.

10. Compatible with sealing materials, plastics and coatings.


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