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QC12K-4*2500 Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shearing Machine For Wheelbarrow Production Line

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The HARSLE QC12K series swing beam shearing machine is mainly composed of a frame, spring press cylinder, blade gap adjustment device, blade frame, hydraulic system, and other parts.
  • QC12K



Product Description

4mm shearing machine

Compared with other shearing machines, the HARSLE QC twelve K series swing beam shearing machine adopts an oblique edge blade. It is widely used due to its simple structure, low failure rate, and high shear efficiency, and the plate material after shearing is not easy to bow, warp, or twist deformation. It cuts the raw materials into the most desired size for deep-drawing and greatly improves the work efficiency when applied in the wheelbarrow production line.

Main Features

● The streamlined welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the shearing machine.

● The motors for backgauge are controlled by inverter, which can achieve high positioning accuracy 0.05mm of the backgauge by changing the frequency and voltage of motor.

● Top blade with two cutting edges and bottom blade with four cutting edges (6CrW2Si).

● X axis(Backgauge) and cutting time can be programmed by E21S system controller, which can store up to 40 groups of programs.

● Pressing foot can fix the metal sheet during cutting operation which can eliminate operation error.

● Hydraulic overload can be protected by overflow valve, knife rack returns by Nitrogen cylinders.

● Foot switch with emergency button can stop the machine immediately when accident happens.

● Adjusting knife gap between upper and bottom blades can achieve better cutting performance.

● Front arms with ruler and roll balls can ensure the cutting accuracy and feed the material easily.

Technical Parameter

1Max cutting thicknessmm4
2Max cutting lengthmm2500
3Throat depthmm150
4Cutting angle° (degree)1°30'
5Cutting speedCutting times/minutes14
6Cutting Bladelengthmm1300*3
8Front armslengthmm800
9Spring pressure cylinderpcs10
10Main motorKW5.5
11Control system\E21S

Product Details

4mm shearing machine4mm shearing machine4mm shearing machine4mm shearing machine


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