W11-6X3200 sheet metal rolling machine
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W11-6X3200 sheet metal rolling machine

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Main features

HARSLE W11-6X3200 Mechanical Metal Sheet Rolling Machine, 6mm Metal roller. 

Three-roll plate rolling machine has mechanical and hydraulic type: mechanical three-roll plate rolling machine is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. Sheet metal can be rolled into circular, arc and conical workpieces within a certain range.

Working principle

The upper roller of the plate rolling machine is in the symmetrical position of the center of the two lower rollers through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston to make vertical lifting motion, and the last gear of the main reducer drives the gears of the two lower rollers to mesh and rotate to provide torque for the rolled plate . The flat plastic metal plate of the plate rolling machine passes between the three work rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) of the plate rolling machine. With the help of the lower pressure of the upper roll and the rotation of the lower roll, the metal plate passes through multiple passes. Continuously bend, produce permanent plastic deformation, and roll into the required cylinder, cone or part of them. The disadvantage of this hydraulic three-roll plate bending machine is that the end of the plate needs to be pre-bent with other equipment. This plate rolling machine is suitable for large plate rolling machines with a thickness of more than 50mm. A row of fixed idlers is added to the lower part of the two lower rollers to shorten the span of the two lower rollers, thereby improving the accuracy of the rolled workpiece and the overall performance of the machine.



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