Y27-100T deep drawing hydraulic press machine
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Y27-100T deep drawing hydraulic press machine

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Main features

Y27-100T single movement deep drawing hydraulic press machine. This machine is specially used for forming containers, like pot, bottle, sink ,etc. 

A hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid as the working medium and is made according to Pascal's principle to transfer energy to realize various processes. The hydraulic press generally consists of three parts: the machine (host), the power system and the hydraulic control system. Hydraulic presses are classified into valve hydraulic presses, liquid hydraulic presses, and engineering hydraulic presses.

Working principle

The working principle of hydraulic press. The areas of the large and small plungers are S2 and S1, respectively, and the forces acting on the plungers are F2 and F1, respectively. According to Pascal's principle, the pressure of the closed liquid is equal everywhere, that is, F2/S2=F1/S1=p; F2=F1(S2/S1). Indicates the hydraulic gain. Like the mechanical gain, the force increases, but the work does not gain. Therefore, the moving distance of the large plunger is S1/S2 times the moving distance of the small plunger.



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