Y32-2500 sheet metal door embossing machine for sale
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Y32-2500 sheet metal door embossing machine for sale

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Product Description

Sheet metal embossing machine, Y32-2500 Door embossing machine for sale.

Main features

●The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity: the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the door embossing machine.

●For every hour, the machine can press 100 pieces of sheets ( thickness is between 0.4mm and1.0mm ) , 70 pieces of sheets ( thickness is more than 1.0mm ), 200 pieces of sheets ( thickness isbetween 0.2mm and 0.4mm ).

●One skin mold is for one deign different skin molds with same size can be used on the same mold frame.

●The lifetime for each skin mold is more than 100,000 pieces of sheets and the design depth of eachskin mold is within 15mm.

●Column-type structure can achieve higher strength, stable working process and longer lifetime.

embossing techniques

Safety manufacture standrands

JB/TB3818-99 GB17120-97
GB/T 3766-2001 JB9967-99
GB5226.1-2002 JB/T8609-97
GB/T 9166-2009 EN ISO 12100:2010
Technical parameter

No. Item Unit Y32-2500
1 Capacity kN 25000
2 Opening height mm 600
3 Cylinder stroke mm 500
4 Return force kN 425
5 Max system working   pressure MPa 25
6 Ram down speed mm/sec 100-120
7 Ram back speed mm/sec 100-120
8 Ram working speed mm/sec 4~10
9 Worktable size mm 1480*2400
10 Oil pump 100YCY14-1B+100YCY14-1B
11 Plunger type cylinder   quantity pcs 6
12 Plunger type cylinder   size mm ZSG420*500
13 Column quantity pcs 8
14 Column diameter mm φ195(4PCS),φ185(4   PCS)
15 Motor power KW 22+22
16 Weight kg 42000
17 Hydraulic oil #46 Anti-wear hydraulic oil
Product details

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embossing techniques

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