CNC Steel Pipe Bending Machine
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CNC Steel Pipe Bending Machine

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Pipe Bending Machine

Tube Bending Machine

The HARSLE 38CNC-2A-1S pipe bending machine has automatic error detection and the fault will be timely displayed on the screen so that the operator can discharge obstacles easily; all processing materials can be input by the touch screen; Each step of the bending can reset the compensation data, speed, release gap because of different material changes; Each bend of the same pipe can be programmed separately into five kinds of the action sequence, ten sets of running speed so that the operator can use efficiently and reduce the pipe interference; The bending control and the corner feeding use a servo motor to drive, with high bending angle precision and high efficiency; The equipment is particularly suitable for processing pipe fittings with many space angles and high precision requirements.

Fully automatic Mode Operation.

Click the Auto key.

Step on the pedal or click the Start.

Feed the pipe into the clamping.

Step on the pedal or click the Start again.

Production Demonstration.

Pipe Bending Machine


● This type of machine is designed and manufactured according to our company's rich experience in pipe bending process and advanced mold matching experience. 

● Electronic control system: Japan Mitsubishi servo driver, servo motor, positioning module, CPU (industrial control), etc. are used, with strong performance and good stability. 

● Mitsubishi's super-large CPU can accommodate 400 groups of file editors. 

● It has the function of automatically detecting errors and faults, and displaying them on the screen, allowing the operator to easily remove obstacles. 

● The machine is equipped with an automatic oil injection system, which can reduce the friction of the elbow, improve the life of the mandrel, and ensure the quality of the elbow. 

● The controller selects a Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller.  The electrical control can realize three functions of jog, single action and automatic. 

● The integrated passage block structure is adopted, and the hydraulic system is highly reliable. 

● Equipped with safety limit and emergency stop button to ensure operator safety. 

● It can bend various profiles just need to change the mold. 

● The clamping and mandrel parts are equipped with separate oil cylinder drives. When the bending arm rotates, the tube can be bent and formed with high precision under the joint constraints of the above-mentioned parts and the parts of the mold.

Technical Parameter

Main Specifications/Model DW-75CNC-2A1S
Maximum bending
diameter*Wall thickness
Φ76.1mm×4mm(A3 Carbon steel)
Maximum bending radius R250mm
Minimum bending radius According to the pipe diameter
Maximum bending angle 190°
Work speed Bending speed Max×40°/s
Turning speed Max×200°/s
Feeding speed Max×1000mm/s
Working accuracy Bending accuracy ±0.5°
Spinning accuracy ±0.1°
Feeding precision ±0.1mm
System maximum pressure (adjustable) 14Mpa
Machine weight 3000kg
Machine size 5500×1300×1200mm
Bending servo motor 7.5KW Japan Mitsubishi
Feeding servo motor 2KW Japan Mitsubishi
Corner servo motor 1KW Japan Mitsubishi

Product Details

Pipe Bending MachinePipe Bending MachinePipe Bending Machine

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