EMO HANNOVER 2023 – Germany
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EMO HANNOVER 2023 – Germany

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HARSLE has confirmed our participation in the EMO Hannover 2023. We will be presenting our GENIUS press brake in a new look, and constant innovation with more details. And we are looking forward to meeting our friends at the fair!


Date: 18-23 September 2023


The EMO Hannover exhibition, EMO stands for "Exposition Mondiale de la Machine-Outil," which translates to "World Machine Tool Exhibition" in English. It is one of the leading trade fairs for the metalworking industry, focusing on machine tools and production systems. The exhibition takes place in Hannover, Germany, and is held every two years.


EMO Hannover brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals from around the world to showcase the latest advancements in machine tools, robotics, automation, and related technologies. It serves as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and business opportunities in the field of metalworking and manufacturing.


EMO Hannover is known for its international appeal, attracting exhibitors and visitors from various countries. It provides a comprehensive overview of the global metalworking industry and plays a significant role in driving technological advancements and industry trends.


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