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Frequently asked questions.

  • Q What is the warranty about HARSLE machine?

    A We will provide 2 years warranty for HARSLE machines, during the warranty period, customers can get thorough and timely service and HARSLE will send the spare parts for replacement of any broken parts on the machine for free.
  • Q What is a press brake?


    Unlike the hydramechanical press brake that converted the hydraulic energy to mechanical energy with a hydraulic motor fixed to an eccentric shaft, the modern hydraulic press brake uses a hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinders to mover the ram. This design is far more efficient, allowing increased speed and accuracy.

    The modern hydraulic press brake can be divided into two basic subgroups , up-acting and down-acting(all other types of press brakes are down-acting only.)

    The French designed and were first to use, the up-acting style of press brake. In our opinion, up-acting is the best type of press brake, not only because of the ram’s guidance and arrangement of rollers, but also because of its natural antideflection characteristics. On this machine you have gravity on your side, working with you instead of against you.

    For any mechanical device to have movement, it must have some clearance built in to allow the mechanism to function freely. On the press brake, an important clearance lies between the power source and the ram body. The clearance is just right when the machine is new or rebuilt. However, with age and use this clearance will increase (sometimes dramatically), causing an ever-increasing amount of play in the mechanism. When the press is a down-acting, this excess clearance, or “play” is located on the bottom when no load is present. When a load is applied, such as when a piece of material is formed, this error moves to the toe of the connection. This hurts the ram’s repeatability, often leading to vast swings in bend angle from one workpiece to the next, the up-action press brake, on the other hand, always keeps this play on the bottom, whether under pressure or not.

    Down-acting hydraulic press brakes represents 90% of all press brakes in use today. Of all the down-acting press brakes, the hydraulic is, by far, the most accurate, these machines are controller by a CNC or DNC controller (computer numerical control or direct numerical control). The computers, in turn, control a proportional valve system. This system allows for ram control in the downward direction, which, in turn, gives accurate bend angle control.

  • Q What is a press brake used for?

    The press brake machine is widely used for the steel sheet metal processing, mostly they will be used in the following fields:
    Decoration industry
    The CNC press brake machine will be used for bending the stainless-steel elevator, steel door and frame, steel windows and skirting line. Sometimes we will use the CNC V grooving machine after bending to get the perfect bending angles. 
    Electric industry
    The press brake plays an important role in the production of electric cabinet. After the steel sheet cut by the shearing machine, we will use the press brake machine to bend them into different size of the cabinet by different types of the punch and die. The segmented tooling is also the necessary part during the production, especially for the left and right horns of the punch, it is vital to form the box in the final stage.
    Kitchen industry
    Most of the kitchen devices are made of stainless steel, we need to use the press brake to bend them into different shapes before the final product is finished. Mostly we will use the CNC Press brake with different punch and die, like gooseneck punch and 2V die by segments. We can also use this machine to make the HVAC and other related products.  
    Automobile and ship industry
    In this field, large capacity press brake and CNC press brake will be widely used and it as higher requirement for the bending accuracy and efficiency. HARSLE is one of the press brake manufacturers in China who is capable to produce such machines and offer good service for customers from all over the world.
    Aerospace industry
    High precision is generally required in this industry, because the product which produced by CNC Press brake is the key part for the final product and the bending tolerance should be within the acceptable range. HARSLE has many customers in this field and they are all satisfied with our press brake. 
  • Q How does a press brake work?

    The bending proceed is executed by the punch and die, the upper punch is installed on the ram and the bottom die is anchored on the table. When the punch moves together with the ram up and down, the sheet will be bent into different angles or shapes. There are three different types of bending methods used in forming sheet metal: coining, bottom bending, and air forming. Each has a specific purpose and application.
    Coining was probably the first bending method practiced in the sheet metal trade. The process requires an amount of tonnage so great that the material being formed actually flows. This flowing goes out from the coined segment to that part of the workpiece not under pressure. If the bend radius is sharp (less than 63% of the material thickness), the punch tip can actually penetrate into or past the neutral axis of the bend. There the yield of the material is broken. With this penetration of the neutral axis by the punch tip, the springback almost disappears, and material remains permanently deformed at the point where the pressure was released.
    Bottom Bending
    There are many similarities between coining and bottom bending. With coining, however, the entire surface of the material comes into contact with the tooling, which is stamped so severely that the material actually flows, with bottom bending, on the other hand, only the radius is stamped into the material. Springback is the characteristic of most materials to try to return to the flat position after forming. The angular tooling clearance should be equal to the springback. As pressure is applied to the radius, the material passes by the required angle and up to a total equal to the required angle and the springback; then it is forced back to the required bend angle.
    Air forming
    Air forming is a three-point bending operation. The three points are the punch tip and both top corners of the die, Air forming uses the penetration of the punch tip into the die space as the determining factor in achieving the required bend angle. Because its tonnages are greatly reduced from those required for coining or bottoming, air forming is fast becoming the method of choice by most manufacturers. Wear and tear on the press brake and tooling is greatly reduced, leading to a marked increase in equipment longevity.
    Each of there foregoing styles of metal forming has a purpose. Each is capable, within its limitations , of producing an excellent product, it takes the practiced eye of the journeyman to know why and when specific techniques should be used.  

  • Q How much does a press brake cost?

    The press brake price depends on the machine capacity, configurations, optional devices, degree of automation, axis quantity, controller difference, etc. Here we will give you a brief introduction about how much does the HARSLE press brake cost:
    Econom press brake
    This is the most economic press brake among HARSLE Product. This is widely accepted by startup and new operators. Actually, its price starts from USD3,500, when the bending capacity and bending length is more, the price will increase accordingly. This type of press brake is equipped with X any Y axis and its operation will be much easier than other high-level machines. HARSLE will use E21 controller as the standard for the cheapest level, customer can also upgrade it into DELEM DA-41S, TP10S, CT8 controllers, compared with E21, these controllers can program the bending angle for fast bending purpose, but they are all torsion-bar structure.
    Smart press brake
    This is the second level in HARSLE press brake. It will be upgraded from torsion-bar structure into electro-hydraulic type. The controller will be smarter and more functional. There will be two proportional valves on the top of two cylinders and two linear scales on each side of the machine vertical plate. The linear encoder can detect the distance between cylinder and the table for each side and give the feedback to CNC controller, when the controller gets the signal, it will send the signal to the proportional valve to control the movement of the cylinder. They will be a closed-loop system.
    When we talk about the press brake, we will also think more about the back-gauge axis. The press brake price varies by the quantity of the axis. Actually, if you want to add one more axis, the price will be USD2,000-USD2,500 more. The smart press brake can support Maximum 4+1 axis and X+R axis for the back gauge.
    For the controller, mostly we will recommend DA-52S, DA53T, DA-58T from DELEM or CT 8PS, CT12 from CYBELEC or S530, S630 from ESA.
    Genius press brake
    This is the highest level in HARSLE press brake, this will be chosen by most of professional companies or the customers who have high requirement on the fabrication process, like aerospace industry and automobile industry. The axis will be upgraded into like 6+1 axis or 8+1 axis and the controller will support 3D simulation or 3D programming, it will largely optimize the bending process, the offline software will be the helpful tool to boost the productivity and this software will be for free. Actually Genius press brake price will be 1.5 times higher than smart press brake, but if customer will choose other configurations, the price will increase accordingly. 
  • Q Preparing steps before using Press brake machine

  • Q Preparing steps before using hydraulic shearing machine

  • Q How much does a punching machine cost?

    The prices for the punching machine vary from capacity, model, table size, type, throat, configurations and etc. HARSLE mainly offers mechanical press, pneumatic press and turret punch.
    Mechanical Press
    The price for mechanical press depends on the throat depth, capacity, stroke adjustment, clutch and etc. The minimum capacity is 6.3T, the biggest capacity for mechanical press is normally 200T. stroke adjustment and air clutch are the optional configurations for this type of the machine. The price starts from $1,000 and we can also customize the machine according to customers’ request.
    Pneumatic Press
    For this type of punching machine, it will be much more expensive than mechanical press machine, but it features high precision, more safe, high automation and working efficiency, This type of machine can work together with the servo feeder and decoiler for mass production and the pneumatic press mostly is equipped with the CNC controller for easy programming and it is widely accepted by automobile industry and hardware industry. The minimum capacity is 25T and the price starts from $10,000. If you need bigger worktable, you choose our double-point press, it can work with progressive die and improve the working efficiency largely.
    CNC Turret Press
    This type of machine is widely used in Aluminum sheet fabrication and electric cabinet fabrication. Its working station is the main part of the machine and it can work with maximum 32 different set of molds together which can improve the punching working efficiency largely. Its price is also much higher than pneumatic press
  • Q What is the use of punching machine?

    The principle of the punching machine is to convert the circular motion into linear motion. The main motor drives the flywheel and then drives the gear, crankshaft, connecting rod by clutch. The motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is circular motion.
    The transition point for the circular motion and linear motion between the connecting rod and ram is very necessary. There are two main structures, ball type and pin type. This structure will convert the circular motion into linear motion. The punching machine will put the pressure on the material and deform it plastically to obtain the required shape and precision. Therefore, it must work with one set of mold(upper punch and bottom die) to deform the material which is put between the punch and die by exerting force. 
    Punching machine is widely used in stamping and forming of electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, vehicles, (automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles) hardware parts.

  • Q What is punching machine called?

    Punching machine is also called power press or stamping press, which is widely used for blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extrusion in the metal-working fabrication. It features fast working speed and efficiency. We can use the punching machine to make different products like switch sockets, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases, and even missile aircraft... There are a lot of accessories that can be produced through molds with a punch.


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