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Frequently asked questions.

  • Q What is the press brake crowning

    Press brake machine is an important equipment in sheet metal processing, and its working accuracy directly affects the bending accuracy of workpieces. In the bending process of the workpiece, because the two ends of the ram are stressed mostly, the reaction force when the plate is bent leads to concave deformation of the lower surface of the ram, and the deformation of the middle part of the ram is the most, the final bent workpieces have different angles in the whole length direction. In order to eliminate the adverse effects of ram deformation, it is necessary to compensate the deflection deformation of ram. The usual Crowning Systems are hydraulic Crowning and mechanical Crowning, which make the middle part of the workbench produce upward elastic deformation to offset the deformation of the ram of Press Brake, ensure the precision of machining joint surface and improve the precision of workpiece. At present, major foreign press brake manufacturers have adopted mechanical crowning devices. Domestic manufacturers will choose the appropriate Crowning method according to the actual situation.
  • Q How to use the press brake?

    1. Punch and die is the important part for bending process, we need to choose the right punch and die for our products before running the machine.
    2. Because the die v opening is corresponding to the bending sheet thickness, we need to choose the right opening for the bending job.
    3. Because this is hydraulic press brake machine, we need to prepare the hydraulic oil firstly. The oil type is #46 anti-wear hydraulic oil and we need to fill the tank until it is full.
    4. We need to prepare the necessary cable according to the machine power in advance, when we get the cable, one end will be connected to the power, another end will be connected to the machine electric cabinet.
    5. After the connection of the cable, we will start the machine power and pump and check the motor rotating direction, if the direction is anticlockwise, we need to exchange the cable each line and try again until the rotating direction is clockwise.
    6. When the machine is running, we need to program on the controller according to the product that we will bend step by step, we can also operate in manual mode or auto mode according to our bending purpose.
    7. After the programming, we will put the metal sheet on the bottom die and start the bending work step by step and finish the product finally.


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