HARSLE 6 Axis 100 Ton 3200mm Press Brake
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HARSLE 6 Axis 100 Ton 3200mm Press Brake

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100 Ton Press Brake

Press Brake

A 6-axis press brake refers to a type of machine used in metalworking and manufacturing processes. Press brakes are used to bend and shape sheet metal by applying force through a punch and die mechanism. The "6-axis" designation indicates that the press brake is equipped with six different axes of movement, which allows for more complex and precise bending operations compared to traditional press brakes with fewer axes.

The six axes in a 6-axis press brake typically include:

1. Y-Axis: This axis controls the vertical movement of the ram, which carries the punch. It determines the depth and angle of the bend.

2. X-Axis: The horizontal movement of the back gauge, which supports the workpiece and helps position it accurately for bending.

3. R-Axis: This axis controls the depth and height of the back gauge fingers, allowing for more precise positioning of the workpiece.

4. Z1-Axis and Z2-Axis: These axes control the horizontal movement of the two fingers on the back gauge, enabling accurate positioning of the workpiece along its width.

5. C-Axis: The crowning axis allows the press brake to adjust the bed's curvature to compensate for any material spring back during bending. This helps achieve consistent bending angles throughout the entire length of the workpiece.

6. V-Axis: This axis controls the movement of the die, which is the bottom tool that the metal is pressed against to create the bend.

Having six axes of movement provides greater flexibility and precision in the bending process. This is particularly important for producing complex shapes and angles in sheet metal components. The various axes allow the press brake to adjust its tools and positioning according to the specific requirements of each bend, resulting in more accurate and consistent results.

Overall, a 6-axis press brake is a sophisticated machine that finds application in industries like automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, and more, where precision and customization in metal bending are crucial.

100 Ton Press Brake

DA66T Main Features

Delem DA-66T system has a graphical programming interface, which can realize 3D simulation, automatic tool selection, Ram pressure prediction, multi-processbending, and other functions. lt also has a strong post-processing capability and can be integrated with various bending machinery. This controller is compatible with offline software Profile-TL using which your employee will be able to write programs for your parts in your company.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 100T/3200
1 Bending Force kN 1000
2 Bending Length mm 3200
3 Columns Distance mm 2600
4 Throat Depth mm 400
5 Ram Stroke mm 200
6 Daylight mm 480
7 Table Width mm 100
8 Table Height mm 820
9 Oil Tank L 220
10 Front Support pcs 2
11 Main Servo Motor KW 8.7
12 Pump Displacement mm/r 16
13 Hydraulic Pressure MPa 28
14 Dimension Length mm 3500
15 Width mm 1600
16 Height mm 2600
17 Speed Rapid Speed mm/sec 200
18 Working Speed mm/sec 0-15
19 Return Speed mm/sec 160
20 Backgauge X-Axis Travel mm 550
21 R-Axis Travel mm 160
22 Positioning Accuracy mm 0.05
23 Stop Finger pcs 4

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100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake

100 Ton Press Brake100 Ton Press Brake

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