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Intelligent Panel Bender Technology Solution

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Panel Bender Features

Intelligent Panel Bender Technology Solution. The intelligent flexible bending center is a high-tech product developed and produced for the rice metal industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce labor costs, and enhance corporate image. It has been widely used in filing cabinets, electrical cabinets, doors, tool cabinets, kitchen utensils, ventilation, air conditioning, purification, education, experimental equipment and other industries.

Panel Bender

1. Industry 4.0 architecture, which can be smoothly upgraded, has the advantages of fast speed, high consistency of workpiece forming, low power consumption, simple daily maintenance and low cost.

2. High degree of automation, simple operation, and low technical requirements for operators.

3. No need for mold making, complex shapes can be designed at will and produced at any time

4. The bending center has rich software and hardware interfaces and is compatible with various loading and unloading methods: manual loading and unloading, robot loading and unloading, and robot loading and unloading.

5. The control system realizes multi-axis concurrent linkage in the true sense, with smooth bending movements and high mechanical operation synergy; the human-machine interface is friendly, simple and easy to understand, and the programming is flexible.

6. It has eccentric load detection function, eccentric load follow-up function, and thick plate detection function, which can effectively protect the machine, protect the workpiece, and reduce the waste of workpieces.

7. The cloud operation and maintenance management system can monitor machine operation in real time.

8. For workpieces with non-standard sizes, different positioning benchmarks can be selected according to the shape of the workpiece to control the shearing error of the plate on the first bending edge to ensure dimensional accuracy after forming.

9. It is suitable for a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates, etc.

Bending Workpiece Show

The intelligent bending center can realize complex shapes with various combinations of right angles, non-right angles, arcs, upper and lower dead edges, etc., and is used in the metal forming field of different workpieces in different industries; the equipment uses all-electric servo motors instead of hydraulic drives, which is environmentally friendly , fast speed, high precision, maintenance-free and other advantages.

Panel Bender

Machine Module Introduction

1. Equipment body

The equipment body is available in two types: casting and steel plate welding, which can meet the needs of different processes, different products, and different users.

The cast fuselage frame has undergone precise finite element stress analysis and adopts the most stable circular radiating triangle interconnection design. After strict material analysis, high-grade castings with grades of QT500-7 and HT250 or above are selected.

The welded fuselage is made of Q235 high-quality steel plate, which is welded on a special platform through advanced welding technology to ensure the welding accuracy of the fuselage: the fuselage is designed according to the scientific principles of motion mechanics, and the main board and internal ribs of the fuselage are reasonably designed. This greatly ensures the overall stability of the fuselage under high tonnage forces.

Both types of fuselage undergo high-temperature annealing treatment according to the temperature curve corresponding to the material, and are sand-cleaned by a large shot blasting machine, leaving the bed surface clean and tidy. After the castings and welding parts are processed, they are subjected to open-air aging treatment to completely release the internal stress before being finely processed to ensure that they will not deform after long-term use and ensure the stability of comprehensive accuracy.

The mounting surfaces and mounting holes of the fuselage guide rails, screws, positioning turntables, transmission mechanisms and other components are processed by large-scale precision processing equipment such as large CNC floor beds, CNC drilling and milling machines, and machining centers; different tooling is designed for different workpieces. , clamps, reduce the number of clamping times, ensure the tolerance requirements of the flatness, parallelism, and verticality of each component, eliminate accumulated tolerances to the greatest extent, improve the matching accuracy of each part, and improve the overall assembly accuracy of the equipment.

Using a high-precision dial indicator, combined with a marble platform and marble square that have been treated for tens of millions of years, each workpiece is accurately measured, and the processing quality is strictly controlled to ensure that the assembly accuracy of the entire machine meets the standards of high-precision machine tools.

The unique interference compensation design of the equipment can solve the bending angle and straightness compensation of different lengths, different plate thicknesses, and different materials, and can effectively control the angle and straightness tolerance of the workpiece to the minimum range.

The guide rail assembly adopts a professional adjusting block compression method, which can effectively ensure the parallelism and flatness of each guide rail, ensuring that the machine runs smoothly, the roller slider is not affected by external forces and wears out, and is durable.

Panel Bender

2. Bending Tools

The bending tool is made of 42CrMo forged material and is made through strict rough machining, finishing and heat treatment, quenching and tempering, laser ignition and other processes to ensure the service life and bending requirements of the tool. Different straight knives, curved knives, large curved knives, upper and lower pressure knives, and pneumatic and electric control tools for hinge knives can be designed and customized according to the user's workpiece. Bending auxiliary knives can also be installed for complex bending processes to maximize the to meet various bending needs.

Panel Bender

3.Control System

It adopts an imported all-electric servo closed-loop control system. The system supports multi-axis concurrent linkage, smooth bending movements, and high mechanical operation synergy. The control system retains the rack loading and unloading and manipulator docking ports. Users can dock different brands of manipulators according to their own needs. Rack loading and unloading equipment. The programming software is easy to learn, operates intelligently, and displays the shape of the edited workpiece in real time. The self-checking system can predict in advance whether the edited program is correct, avoiding waste of workpieces and effectively protecting the equipment. Functionally, it supports complex movements such as upper dead edge, lower dead edge, arc, etc. that traditional bending machines cannot form at one time. The control system has a cloud operation and maintenance management interface. You can use mobile phone applets to monitor the operating status of the equipment anytime and anywhere, understand the actual operating status of the equipment, and count the number of production workpieces in various periods.

Panel Bender

4. Electrical Part

Imported brand electrical appliances are used to ensure the stability of the control system; the equipment electrical cabinets are equipped with well-known domestic brand machine air-conditioning and refrigeration devices, which can promptly eliminate poor heat dissipation in electrical cabinets caused by high temperatures in summer, as well as high temperatures during the use of electrical components, solving the problem Shutdown failure caused by high temperature overload. The equipment is equipped with a grating ruler to detect errors in plate thickness to avoid machine damage caused by incorrect input of plate thickness.

The equipment is equipped with an operating handwheel, which can facilitate tool position and accuracy testing: avoid tool damage caused by system misoperation, improve the convenience of tool detection, and reduce plate waste during the trial folding process.

Panel Bender

5. Feeding Mechanism

Feeding method: Depending on the workpiece, you can choose suction cup or pressure arm feeding methods. This feeding method has obtained a utility model patent and is simple, convenient, easy to operate and safe. It can realize 360° free rotation, and the loading and unloading operation is simple, which greatly improves the safety of operators. Both feeding methods can select different suction cup groups and presser feet according to different plate sizes to enhance the suction force and pressure to ensure that the feeding plate does not shift and ensure the bending accuracy of the workpiece.

The feeding rack is welded with thick-walled tubes and treated with high-temperature annealing in an electric furnace for high stability; it is processed by a large floor-standing front machine to ensure the accuracy of matching with the mounting surface of the machine body; the table top adopts a combination of brushes and universal balls, which can not only protect The plate is not scratched and the rotation speed can be increased.

Panel Bender

6. Guide screw

According to the operation needs of different types of equipment, large-diameter grinding-grade screw rods are used, combined with NSK/NACHI bearings imported from Japan, which have strong load capacity and ensure transmission accuracy; the wide-width roller guide slider has strong anti-friction and anti-load capabilities, and can effectively Improve the stability of equipment operation and the service life of equipment.

Panel Bender

7. Lubrication system

It can ensure the lubrication of all moving parts in a timely manner, prevent the wear of the screw balls and guide rollers caused by lack of equipment with automatic lubrication systems, insufficient oil and lubrication, and extend the service life of the screw and guide rails.

Automatic lubrication system, the system will automatically alarm when the oil volume is lower than the specified value, and you only need to add lubricating grease according to the program prompts. The equipment adopts all-copper lubrication pipelines to prevent aging and bursting of plastic pipelines, ensure the service life of the lubrication pipelines and timely lubrication of various components, and avoid the costs and reinstallation of equipment caused by replacing pipelines. Accuracy deviation.

8. Motor-reducer

According to the actual bending torque requirements, domestic/imported servo motors are used according to the different needs of users; the servo drive signals adopt bus transmission and cooperate with the control system to achieve closed-loop control to ensure real-time detection of signal transmission and avoid signal loss and incomplete transmission. Undetectable phenomena.

Assembling the servo motor according to the increased proportion of the maximum torque overload demand improves the overload capacity of the servo motor and driver during operation and avoids damage to the motor and driver due to long-term full-load operation.

Imported and well-known domestic brand reducers are used to ensure the screw transmission accuracy and various tolerance control of the bent workpiece.

The imported brand spring-type coupling can not only ensure the adjustment and absorption of eccentricity and declination angle, but also ensure the transmission of the servo motor output torque.

Control System Performance

Eccentric load detection function, eccentric load follow-up function, plate thickness detection function, custom function, precision compensation function, handwheel control function: If there is foreign matter under the side of the press tool or the thickness of the workpiece is inconsistent, the eccentric load function will issue an audible and visual alarm and immediately cease operation. When the bending plate deviates from the center of the folding knife, the system can automatically adjust the motor output torque to achieve synchronization of the two motors and ensure the folding effect. If the actual thickness of the plate exceeds the set plate thickness range, the system will generate an audible and visual alarm and stop operation immediately. Three safety functions effectively prevent waste of workpieces and damage to the machine. Advanced instructions can be manually added through custom functions to meet the bending requirements of more complex processes. The intelligent flexible bending center adopts a fully closed-loop control system, and the accuracy of all compensation parameters can be supported to 0.01 mm or 0.1 degrees.

Panel Bender

The CNC system provides the following functions to assist bending and ensure bending accuracy:

The system has a compensation self-learning module. Customers only need to record each correct bending compensation into this module, and the system will automatically match the compensation to the new program. Users do not need to re-debug the bending angle compensation or position every time they program. compensate. The system provides an automatic calculation module for rotation compensation for each bending tool. Customers only need to place the molded workpiece on the joint surface, measure the bending height that needs to be compensated, input it into the automatic calculation module for rotation compensation, and then update the system rotation compensation parameters.

The system supports the replacement of the suction cup group, and automatically adapts and recommends the optimal suction cup according to the size of the workpiece and the actual bending situation. After programming is completed, when the workpiece cannot be bent because the size is too small, the system will automatically switch to the borrow mode and try to bend. If the workpiece cannot be bent after being borrowed, the system will automatically prompt the user for the minimum workpiece size supported by the bending program. The minimum molding size supported by the system is 140mm*190mm, which depends on the bending program.

Panel Bender

The system has a collision protection function for each axis. The system will predict whether interference will occur at the position of each axis. If interference occurs, it will immediately terminate and prompt the user. During normal bending, the system has ensured that the collision between different axes is guaranteed for the user. It can operate safely and freely during the bending process, and the user does not have to worry about axis collision during the bending process. The system provides handwheel control function. Because of the anti-collision knife system, the system allows users to reach the desired position of each axis through the handwheel. The system has an automatic plate positioning function and uses a CNC positioning device to automatically position. It can complete multi-sided bending in one positioning, shortening the bending cycle time. Different positioning benchmarks can be selected according to the shape of the workpiece to control the shearing error of the plate on the first bending edge to ensure dimensional accuracy after forming.


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