Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Sawtooth Causes
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Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Sawtooth Causes

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 Vibration: If the machine vibrates, then the product it cuts will have jagged teeth.

It is divided into two reasons:

One is the external situation of the machine. If the machine is in the process of cutting, such as the water tank, the wind pumping opportunity will not be too close. If it is too close to the machine, then it will vibrate the machine when it is running. Then, when the machine cuts the material, it will generate vibration, which will affect the edge effect of the cutting.

Another reason is the cause of vibration in control. If the motor is not running smoothly, etc., it can also cause this problem. Another reason is that if the machine is not well-tuned, it will happen. If the machine's running acceleration, or the take-off speed, etc., is not set, then it will happen.

2. The lens is not locked: sometimes, if the lens is not locked, the lens will vibrate when the machine is running, and the light will vibrate when the machine is cutting, and the product that is cut out is not good. There will be sawtooth.

3. The parallelism of the machine: If the parallelism of the machine is not installed, it will not be stable when the machine is running. Then, during the operation, it will also produce jitter, and the cut product will also occur in the sawtooth.

4. Gears, gears, etc.: If the gear carrier has its edge close to the seat, causing slippage, etc., it also causes this to happen.

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