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HARSLE is a leading brand within the punching machine market field due to its experience and quality standards, we produce mechanical press, Pneumatic press, CNC turret punch press and other power presses which are used in different metal-working fabrication areas.


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Punching Machine Knowledge​​​​​​​

HARSLE knowledge center will provide the up-to-date information about punching machine.
Introduction of Punching Machine Structure
There are various types of punching machines, but due to the different structural principles, the price and processing effects will also change accordingly. Of course, even for different types of presses, there is always a commonality in the composition of the structure.
March 23, 2022
Punching Machine Encyclopedia of Operation Guidance
Safe ProductionSince punching machines are characterized by high speed and pressure, certain safety procedures must be observed when using punching machines for punching and forming.
October 15, 2021
Operation Guide of Pneumatic Punching Machine
The pneumatic punching machine uses high pressure gas generated by the compressor to deliver compressed gas to the solenoid valve through the pipeline, and the action of the solenoid valve is controlled by the foot switch to control working and return of the cylinde
September 29, 2021

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Punching Machine FAQ

  • Q What is better, to punch holes in structural steel or drill?

    When you ask “What is better?” the answer almost always depends on which variables you are trying to optimize.
    To optimize the cost for a single hole, the kit for drilling is much cheaper than punching.
    To optimize for speed, punching (with the right tools) is orders of magnitude faster. (An Ironworker (machine) can punch a dozen half-inch/13mm holes in a minute.)
    To minimize deformation of the work-piece, drilling is better.
    To minimize heating of the work, e.g. to prevent work hardening, punching is better.
    If I have both a drill press and an Ironworker, I’m probably going to use the latter more than the former for structural steel. It’s so much faster. As a bonus it can also bend, shear, and notch metal too. They are great fun to use.
    This answer thanks to the guys at Lane Brother's Manufacturing in Virginia. They let me work there as a welder when the bottom fell out of the IT world. I'm indebted to them for taking that chance.
  • Q What is a mechanical punching machine?

    Mechanical punch, also known as mechanical punch, it uses the compressed air provided by the compressed air pump to enter the cylinder through the solenoid valve, and drives the piston to the main shaft to form a downward movement of the main shaft, thereby forming an impulse, so that the workpiece can be produced in the mold. deformation to achieve the purpose of processing.
    Working principle of mechanical punching machine
    The products or parts produced by punching machines or hydraulic machine tools for mechanical punching machines are called stamping parts. The basic elements are stamping power, male molds, female molds, and raw materials of the products (usually metal sheets or wires). The machine tool drives the male and female under the action of stamping power. The process of cutting, punching, and stretching the raw materials between the mold and the master mold is the working principle of the stamping machine.
    Also known as a mechanical punching machine, it uses the compressed air provided by the compressed air pump to enter the cylinder through the solenoid valve and drives the piston to the main shaft to form a downward movement of the main shaft, thereby forming an impulse, causing the workpiece to produce a specified deformation in the mold. To achieve the purpose of processing. In order to facilitate the use of customers, the electrical control part is also added to the equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency of work.
  • Q How to use the punch press

    A punch press is a stamping press. In national production, stamping process has the advantages of saving materials and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators and making products that can not be achieved by machining through various die applications. Therefore, it is more and more widely used.
    1. Punch workers must learn and master the structure and performance of the equipment, they should be be familiar with the operating procedures and obtain the operation permit before they can operate independently.
    2. The safety protection and control devices on the equipment shall be used correctly and shall not be removed arbitrarily.
    3. Check whether the transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts of the machine tool and the protective safety device are normal. The die mounting screws must be firm and shall not be moved.
    4. The machine tool shall run idle for 2-3 minutes before operation. Check the flexibility of foot brake and other control devices. It can be used only after it is confirmed to be normal. It is not allowed to run with defects.
    5. The mold shall be tight and firm, the upper and lower molds shall be aligned to ensure the correct position, and the machine tool shall be moved by hand for trial punching (empty vehicle) to ensure that the mold works in good condition.
    6. Pay attention to lubrication before driving, and remove all floating objects on the bed surface.
    7. When the punch is taken out or running, the operator shall stand properly, keep a certain distance between his hands and head and the punch, and always pay attention to the action of the punch. It is strictly prohibited to chat with others.
    8. When punching or making short and small workpieces, special tools shall be used, and it is not allowed to directly feed or take parts by hand.
    9. When punching or obscene long parts, a safety support frame shall be set or other safety measures shall be taken to avoid digging injury.
    10. During single flushing, hands and feet are not allowed to be placed on the hand and foot brake. They must be moved (stepped) once to prevent accidents.
    11. When more than two people work together, the person responsible for moving (stepping on) the gate must pay attention to the action of the feeder. It is strictly prohibited to move (stepping on) the gate while taking parts.
    12. Stop the machine at the end of the work, cut off the power supply, wipe the machine tool and tidy up the environment.
  • Q How much does a punching machine cost?

    The prices for the punching machine vary from capacity, model, table size, type, throat, configurations and etc. HARSLE mainly offers mechanical press, pneumatic press and turret punch.
    Mechanical Press
    The price for mechanical press depends on the throat depth, capacity, stroke adjustment, clutch and etc. The minimum capacity is 6.3T, the biggest capacity for mechanical press is normally 200T. stroke adjustment and air clutch are the optional configurations for this type of the machine. The price starts from $1,000 and we can also customize the machine according to customers’ request.
    Pneumatic Press
    For this type of punching machine, it will be much more expensive than mechanical press machine, but it features high precision, more safe, high automation and working efficiency, This type of machine can work together with the servo feeder and decoiler for mass production and the pneumatic press mostly is equipped with the CNC controller for easy programming and it is widely accepted by automobile industry and hardware industry. The minimum capacity is 25T and the price starts from $10,000. If you need bigger worktable, you choose our double-point press, it can work with progressive die and improve the working efficiency largely.
    CNC Turret Press
    This type of machine is widely used in Aluminum sheet fabrication and electric cabinet fabrication. Its working station is the main part of the machine and it can work with maximum 32 different set of molds together which can improve the punching working efficiency largely. Its price is also much higher than pneumatic press
  • Q What is the use of punching machine?

    The principle of the punching machine is to convert the circular motion into linear motion. The main motor drives the flywheel and then drives the gear, crankshaft, connecting rod by clutch. The motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is circular motion.
    The transition point for the circular motion and linear motion between the connecting rod and ram is very necessary. There are two main structures, ball type and pin type. This structure will convert the circular motion into linear motion. The punching machine will put the pressure on the material and deform it plastically to obtain the required shape and precision. Therefore, it must work with one set of mold(upper punch and bottom die) to deform the material which is put between the punch and die by exerting force. 
    Punching machine is widely used in stamping and forming of electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, vehicles, (automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles) hardware parts.

  • Q What is punching machine called?

    Punching machine is also called power press or stamping press, which is widely used for blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extrusion in the metal-working fabrication. It features fast working speed and efficiency. We can use the punching machine to make different products like switch sockets, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases, and even missile aircraft... There are a lot of accessories that can be produced through molds with a punch.

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5    HARSLE has good after-sales service

By  Sanjay  on 2021-12-31

Stable high precision. High wear resistance, long-term stable performance. HARSLE has good after-sales service, high-tech engineers, good attitude.

5    Production is automated, labor-saving, and highly efficient.

By  Giovanni  on 2021-12-22

Production is automated, labor-saving, and highly efficient. The sliding speed adjustment is divided into manual adjustment and electric adjustment, which is convenient, reliable, safe and fast, and the accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

5    This HARSLE deep-throat punch press is very great,

By  Adrian Alberto Bonomi  on 2021-12-21

This HARSLE deep-throat punch press is very great, of good quality and cost-effective. High efficiency, low technical requirements for operators. Recommended.

5    HARSLE punching machine has Low noise

By  Miguel   on 2021-12-08

HARSLE punching machine has Low noise, low energy consumption and no pollution.

5    punching machine has worked great.

By  Muh Agung  on 2021-11-25

So far HARSLE punching machine has worked great. Overall HARSLE is a great punching machine supplier.

5    Excellent!

By  Marcelo Marrara  on 2021-11-24

Eccentric press punch with stroke adjustment, good quality, and good after-sales service. Excellent!

5    The engineers have high technology and good after-sales service.

By  Gregory Grig  on 2021-11-23

HARSLE pneumatic punch has high working speed and hydraulic overload protection. The engineers have high technology and good after-sales service.

5    HARSLE punching machine

By  Md Jalal  on 2021-11-18

HARSLE punching machine manufacturer, sliding and quick adjustment is divided into manual adjustment and electric adjustment, which is convenient, reliable, safe and fast, and the accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

5    HARSLE punch press manufacturer

By  Hector Jose Nari  on 2021-11-18

HARSLE punch press manufacturer has stable performance for a long time, ensuring the requirements of high precision and stability.

5    HARSLE punching machine is very good!

By  Heavy Trans Australia  on 2021-11-17

A whole welded structure with high rigidity and dual balance cylinders can reduce the noise and impact. HARSLE punching machine is very good!


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