Precautions For Laser Cutting Machine
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Precautions For Laser Cutting Machine

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Precautions for Safety Protection of Laser Cutting Equipment

1. Fire Prevention Measures

The laser cutting machine needs to use oxygen when cutting. Smoking should be prohibited in the cutting machine area, especially near the oxygen cylinder, to prevent hidden dangers and unnecessary damage.

Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine

2. Exchange Table

For machines with an automatic exchange platform, please make sure that no one is standing inside or on the platform during the exchange process. If you encounter any emergency during, please stop the exchange or press the E-stop button.

Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine

Safety Protection And Precautions

1. Check Before Operation

Whether the main controller housing, laser power supply housing, switching power supply housing, motor drive housing, data cable housing, machine tool guide rail, motor housing, fan housing, and the main grounding point are well connected, poor grounding will shorten the life of the laser source, high voltage Discharge will damage the control circuit and even threaten life safety.

Before cutting, it is necessary to inspect the surrounding objects. It is forbidden to place flammable and explosive objects near the laser work. The laser is thermal processing and there is a risk of ignition and detonation.

Operators of laser cutting equipment are not allowed to leave their posts without authorization. If really should leave, must first stop the facility and cut off the power. Laser processing precautions, the equipment is prone to accidents when unattended.

When you see an abnormality during the processing, you need to stop the work immediately, troubleshoot in time or contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine

2. Be Cautious When Operating

Laser optical path: When cutting and debugging the optical path, please be careful not to let any part of your body touch the optical path to avoid injury.

Laser energy: The size of the laser power determines the size of the laser energy, but when the laser power is greater than the allowable value, the laser energy will decrease, and if the power exceeds the allowable value for a long time, it will greatly affect the service life of the laser source. (Such as cutting extreme plates for a long time, cutting high-reflection materials for a long time, such as copper, aluminum, etc.)

Ambient temperature: When the ambient temperature is greater than the maximum allowable value, the device will not be able to fully dissipate heat, reducing the stability of the device; when the ambient temperature is lower than the minimum allowable value, it may cause the water in the laser to freeze, which will lead to the laser's light source The life span is reduced or even damaged.

Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine

Cooling water temperature: When the cooling water temperature is greater than the maximum allowable value, the laser energy efficiency will drop rapidly; when the cooling water temperature is less than the minimum allowable value, it will cause the water in the laser to freeze and cause damage to the laser source.

Ambient humidity: Excessive humidity can cause high-voltage discharge of the laser, endangering personal safety, and damage the laser power supply.

Power supply: Fluctuations in the supply voltage will cause the equipment to work unstable; too high a voltage will cause permanent damage to the equipment power system. In order to avoid burning or burning out of electrical appliances and circuits caused by excessive voltage, users are requested to install a power supply regulator!

Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine

3. Prohibit Booting

Try not to turn on the machine during inclement weather such as thunder and lightning.

Operators without training are not allowed to operate the machine alone.

Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Harm to Human Body And Protective Measures

1.Protection of the Respiratory Tract

The high temperature generated by the laser and the gas cooperate to complete various processing, and at the same time generate a large amount of dust, especially when processing some special metal materials, the generated dust contains some chemical components, and the human body will cause harm to the human body if inhaled.

Therefore, when performing laser cutting work, pay attention to the protection of the respiratory tract. Install the supporting dust removal device, try to operate in an unobstructed air environment, and try to wear a mask. Do not touch the cut parts immediately to avoid burns due to residual temperature.

2.Eye Protection

When the equipment is working, it is necessary to wear labor protection equipment as required. After a long period of laser irradiation, the fundus of the eye may be light-damaged. Therefore, try to avoid direct contact with the laser to avoid irreversible damage. Therefore, you should wear the required protection near the laser beam. 

Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine

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