Press Brake Retractable Sheet Support
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Press Brake Retractable Sheet Support

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Press Brake Retractable Sheet Support

A press brake retractable sheet support is a mechanical component used in press brake machines, which are commonly used in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes. Press brakes are machines designed to bend or shape sheet metal into various forms by applying force through a punch and die system.

The retractable sheet support serves as a platform or support system for the sheet metal being worked on. It's designed to hold and guide the sheet metal as it undergoes bending or forming operations in the press brake. Here's how it works:

Sheet Placement: The retractable sheet support is positioned near the bending area of the press brake. It is typically a flat, horizontal surface that can be adjusted in height to match the level of the bending tool (punch and die).

Sheet Loading: The operator places the sheet metal onto the retractable sheet support. The sheet may extend beyond the support to allow for accurate positioning and alignment with the bending tool.

Bending Operation: Once the sheet is properly positioned, the press brake's bending process begins. The bending tool, consisting of a punch (upper tool) and a die (lower tool), descends onto the sheet metal, applying force and causing it to bend at the predetermined angle.

Retraction: As the bending process takes place, the retractable sheet support might retract or move downward to accommodate the bending movement. This retraction ensures that the support does not interfere with the bending operation.

Finished Bend: After the bending is completed, the retractable sheet support can be raised back to its original height if it had retracted. The bent sheet can then be removed from the machine.

The retractable sheet support plays a crucial role in achieving accurate and consistent bends in sheet metal fabrication. It helps prevent distortion of the sheet metal during the bending process, ensuring that the final product meets the required specifications.

It's worth noting that specific designs and features of retractable sheet supports can vary between different press brake models and manufacturers. They may have different mechanisms for retraction, height adjustment, and positioning, but the fundamental purpose remains the same: to provide proper support for the sheet metal during the bending process.


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