Punch Drive System Analysis
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Punch Drive System Analysis

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Punch drive system analysis

●Transmission System Boosting Mechanism Design

The drive system must convert the rotation of the motor to the straightness of the slider. Line movement. The linear motion of the slider can be achieved by the crankshaft and the connecting rod. The force during the movement of the crankshaft and the connecting rod is shown in Figure 1. The crankshaft is rotated from point 1 to point 2 with a certain torque. The forces are F1 and F2 respectively. Sp is the nominal pressure stroke. The components F1v and F2v of F1 and F2 in the vertical direction are the forces that drive the slider to move downward. During the process of turning the crankshaft from point 1 to point 2, the angle between the connecting rod and the center line is reduced, so that the force applied by the connecting rod in the vertical direction is larger, and the force of the component reaches the point O. The distance is getting smaller and smaller and the torque of the crankshaft is unchanged. It is calculated that F2v /F1v = 1.86, that is, the force that drives the slider to move downward during this process is getting larger and larger.

The rotation of the crankshaft can be directly driven by the servo motor. Since the actual rotational speed required for the crankshaft is smaller than the rated rotational speed of the servo motor, and the nominal force of the punch is large, although the crankshaft linkage mechanism can increase the punching force during the downward movement of the slider, the servo motor can be driven normally. In the crankshaft rotation, a deceleration boosting mechanism is designed between the servo motor and the crankshaft to make the punch work normally.

According to the formula M = 9549P /n, where P is the power, M is the torque, and n is the speed. It can be seen that the torque is inversely proportional to the speed when the power is constant. To increase the torque, the speed must be slowed down.

The booster mechanism is also a speed reduction mechanism. The transmissions that can form the speed reduction mechanism mainly include sprocket drive, pulley drive, and gear transmission move. The instantaneous transmission ratio of the chain drive is not constant, the transmission is not stable at high speed, and it is easy to jump after wear. The tension of the belt drive relative to the meshing drive is large, so the pressure on the drive shaft is large, and its structural size is large and not compact. The gear transmission is stable, the transmission ratio is accurate, the work is reliable, the efficiency is high, the service life is long, and the power, speed and size range used is large. Therefore, the punch designed in this paper uses two-stage reduction gear transmission, which is the pair of pinion and center gear, the middle gear and the big gear (Figure 2).

punching machine drive system

●Double Crankshaft Four-bar Linkage Design.

In a single-link punching machine, the force component of the connecting rod in the horizontal direction tends to unbalance the force of the slider, thereby adding extra torque to the bed. In order to make the force of the slider more balanced, this paper designs a double crankshaft 4-link mechanism. The crankshaft A and the crankshaft B are directly connected to the relatively rotating large gear A and the large gear B, so the two crankshafts rotate relative to each other and can be balanced. The force components Fh and F'h of the force applied by the rod in the horizontal direction. Crankshaft A and crankshaft B are connected to two connecting rods respectively. The connecting rod drives the slider up and down through the slider rotating shaft so that the slider is more balanced when punching the mold, as shown in Fig. 2 and the following figure.

punching machine

Punch drive system

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