Vertical Metal Sheet CNC V-Grooving Machine
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Vertical Metal Sheet CNC V-Grooving Machine

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Sheet CNC V-Grooving Machine

A CNC V-grooving machine is a type of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine that is used for grooving or engraving V-shaped grooves into various materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, and composite materials.

The machine is typically equipped with a V-shaped cutting tool that is controlled by a computer program, which directs the tool to move in a specific pattern and depth to create the desired groove. The machine can be used for a variety of applications, such as creating decorative patterns or functional grooves for joints or seams.

The sheet CNC V-grooving machine is specifically designed for grooving sheets of material, such as metal or composite panels, which are commonly used in the construction industry for cladding, roofing, and other applications. The machine can handle sheets of various sizes and thicknesses and can produce accurate and consistent grooves with high efficiency.

Overall, a sheet CNC V-grooving machine is a valuable tool for businesses that work with sheet materials and require precise grooves for their products. It can help increase productivity and reduce waste by automating the grooving process and producing high-quality results.

Sheet CNC V-Grooving Machine

Main Features

● The vertical slotting machine adopts the precision ball screw as the power transmission component and has the characteristics of high processing precision, which is especially important for high-performance products.

● The machine has three-axis, X-an axis (longitudinal moving of the tooltip), a Y-axis (up and down), and a Z-axis (vertical moving of the tooltip) servo motor control realizes full-automatic operation after parameter input, and comprehensively improves the planer Precision.

● The pressing system uses the hydraulic system as the power, the pressure is large, and the fastening force is reliable. At the same time, low noise and low energy consumption.

● The rear moving part is driven by a double ball screw, and the positioning accuracy of the board surface is high.

● The tool holder slide is made of cast iron material, which is wear-resistant and repairable, and the service life is guaranteed for more than ten years.

Technical Parameters

No. Model HSV
1 Machining Capacity Material STS304&Q235
Length 3200mm
Width 1500mm
Thickness 0.4mm-6mm
Max. Grooving depth 3mm
2 CNC Specifications Control Type 3-axis CNC control(X、Y、Z)
Display 10 inches HD LCD color screen
Memory Capacity 99 groups,9999channels/group (additiona
SD card extension)
Working System Ball screw/linear guide/rack and pinion
3 Machining Speed X axis 0-90m/min
Y axis 20m/mm
Aaxis 20m/mm
4 Machining Precision X Axis Precision 0.01mm
Y Axis Precision 0.01mm
Z Axis Precision 0.01mm
5 Driving Mode X-axis 4.5KW Servo Motor
Y-axis 2KW Servo Motor
Z-axis 1KW Servo Motor
6 Clamping Device Pneumatic 0.3-0.6Mpa
7 Worktable flatness 士0.02mm
8 Worktable quench Yes
9 Dimensions Length 5000mm
Width 2750mm
Height 2100mm
Weight 1050kg

Product Details

Sheet CNC V-Grooving MachineSheet CNC V-Grooving MachineSheet CNC V-Grooving Machine

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