Y41-100T Single Column Hydraulic Press Machine for Sale
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Y41-100T Single Column Hydraulic Press Machine for Sale

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Hydraulic Press Machine for Sale

Single Column Hydraulic Press Machine

A C-frame hydraulic press machine, also known as a C-frame hydraulic press or a gap frame press, is a type of hydraulic press used in various industrial applications for tasks such as bending, punching, shearing, and forming metal or other materials. It gets its name from its distinctive "C" or "open" frame design, which resembles the letter "C" when viewed from the side. This design allows for easy access to the working area, making it suitable for applications that require the operator to load and unload workpieces.

Here are some key features and characteristics of a C-frame hydraulic press machine:

Frame Design: The C-frame design consists of two upright columns on either side of the working area, connected by a horizontal crossbeam at the top, creating a C-shaped frame. This open structure allows for easy access and flexibility in the workpiece size.

Hydraulic System: C-frame hydraulic presses are powered by hydraulic systems that provide the force needed to perform various tasks. These systems include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, and control valves.

Versatility: C-frame hydraulic presses are versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks, including stamping, deep drawing, straightening, assembly, and more. They are commonly used in the metalworking industry but can also be found in other manufacturing sectors.

Different Tonnage Capacities: These presses come in a variety of tonnage capacities, meaning they can generate different levels of force depending on the specific application requirements.

Safety Features: Safety is a crucial consideration when using hydraulic presses. C-frame hydraulic presses typically have safety features such as two-handed controls, emergency stop buttons, and light curtains to protect operators from accidents.

Control Systems: These presses can be equipped with various control systems, including manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated controls, depending on the application and production needs.

Tooling: The tooling used in a C-frame hydraulic press can be customized to suit the specific operation. The tooling includes dies and punches designed for various tasks.

Compact Design: The C-frame design is relatively compact, making it suitable for workshops with limited space. They can be floor-mounted or bench-mounted, depending on the model.

Precision and Repeatability: Hydraulic presses offer high precision and repeatable results, making them ideal for applications where accurate force control is necessary.

C-frame hydraulic press machines are commonly used in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, and general metal fabrication. Their flexibility, ease of use, and ability to accommodate various tooling make them a popular choice for a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Hydraulic Press Machine for Sale

Main Features

● It adopts intelligent structure, C type single arm frame structure, has the feature such as good reliable, simple structure and easy operation. With a rigid turn-key clutch, the press has single or continuous operation standards.

● The frame is entirely welded with steel plates and treated to relive stress by tempering.

● Cartridge valve equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, shorter connection pipeline and fewer release points.

● The operating force, no-load traveling and, low-speed movement and travel range can be adjusted subject to technological requirements.

● Hydraulic system adopts pressure pre-release device, low impact of hydraulic pressure.

● Independent electrical control, reliable, audio-visual and convenient for maintenance.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit Y41-100T
1 Nominal Force KN 1000
2 Throat Depth mm 340
3 Max opening height mm 900
4 Pressing bead stroke mm 500
5 Worktable size L-R mm 750
6 F-B mm 630
7 Speed Fast down mm/s 38
8 Working mm/s 10
9 Return mm/s 118
10 Table height above floor mm 700
11 Dimension Front and Back mm 1600
Left and Right mm 1200
12 Height mm 2900
13 Motor power kw 7.5

Product Details

Hydraulic Press Machine for SaleHydraulic Press Machine for SaleHydraulic Press Machine for Sale

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