All Machines For Steel Door Production Line
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All Machines For Steel Door Production Line

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Press Brake

With Easy to use control unit, stabile body structure, perfect design, low operating cost, different tool usage options, maximum safety standards, HARSLE press brake is the best in the world in its file.

● 3D Graphic control can simulate bending sequence.

●  Up to back-gauge 6-axis control for flexible bending.

●  17'' touch screen for broad control space.

press brake

Shearing Machine

The streamlined welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the shearing machine.

●  Better and faster cuttings.

●  Adjustable blade gap cutting angle.

●  High sensitivity and repeatability.

shearing machine

Punching Machine

The heavy and dignified structure, the delicate painting process, the industry's top quality configuration, and the tried and tested internal quality show the wisdom of HARSLE JH21 pneumatic power presses.

● Pneumatic double balancing cylinder.

● Imported safety double valve.

● Resin sand key parts and longitudinal crankshaft.

punching mahcine

Door Embossing Machine

Computer optimized structure design; four-column structure: simple, economic and practical. Independent electrical control, reliable,audio-visual and convenient for maintenance. The machine can make the full designs.

● Ensure the reliability and precision of machine.

Column-type structure can achieve higher strength.

Stable working process and longer lifetime.

Door Embossing Machine

Embossing mold

Embossing mold can be customized according to customer's needs. The mold is made of high quality steel, which increases the precision of the mold in order to press out better door panels.

● The mold can be perfectly assembled with door embossing machine.

Finish machining avoids the influence of heat treatment.

● The lifetime for each mold is more than 100,000 pieces of sheets.

Embossing mold

Door Frame Embossing Machine

The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity. Frame-type structure can achieve higher strength, stable working process and longer lifetime. One door frame mold is for one deign, customers can buy different molds.

● The surface hardness is up to HRC45.

The lifetime for each mold is more than 200, 000 pieces of sheets.

The machine has two different operation modes.

Door Frame Embossing Machine

Door Frame Cutting Machine

The door frame cutting machine is high efficiency and high precision, suitable for sawing many kinds of metal door frames, the cutting angle is precise, the section is smooth and burr-free, no secondary processing is needed.

● Universal frame cutting, perfect cutting result.

Infrared alignment, high positioning precision.

Intelligent control panel.

Door Frame Cutting Machine

Folding Machine

Folding machine is of all-steel welded construction. Simple construction with good appearance. It is easy to operate, with low energy consumption. It can process work pieces according to the customer's requirement. 

● Lightweight design and easy operation.

Economical and practical, high efficiency.

● Folding angle can be set.

Folding Machine

Hot Press Machine

Intelligent temperature control, when the temperature is not enough, it will be heated automatically. When the temperature reaches the required value, the heating system will stop heating automatically. 

● Timing control, it can be set according to production time. 

The electrical control system has protection for overload.

Equipped with an emergency stop button.

Hot Press Machine

Transfer Printing Machine

Transfer printing machine does not need to brush glue, and can be operated in double stations, only 1-2 operators can complete. Not only the cost is greatly reduced, but also the labor efficiency is increased exponentially.

● Good transfer effect and clear wood grain.

Electric control system is safe and reliable.

Simple operation, easy to use.

Transfer Printing Machine

Laser Cutting machine

Integrated cast cross-girder machine body which is featured with rigidity, stability and anti-shocking property. The machine owns more stable performance, more durable quality, higher efficiency and wider application scope.

● Perfect results on variety of material.

 Efficient and precise cuts on thick and thin material.

 Low investment and operating costs.

Laser Cutting machine

Multihead Punch

Punching with the multihead punch allows multiple holes to be formed in one pass. Compared to punching machines, multihead punch is easy to operate and requires no positioning, making it more convenient and precise.

● The steps are simple and easy to operate.

 Precise positioning and good punching effect.

 Greatly improve the efficiency of workpiece.

Multihead Punch

CNC V-Grooving Machine

The V-Grooving machine's frame and beam are designed with frame structure. The overall rigidity of the machine is good and durable. The V-Grooving machine uses four knives to make the "V" groove, so the cutting result will be uniform.

● Metal sheet is fixed by hydraulic clamping system.

 Hydraulic system has accumulator compensation.

 Servo motors can save energy.

V-Grooving Machine

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