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    HARSLE is a modern enterprise which manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, shearing machine, hydraulic press, power press, Ironworker, laser cutting machine and other related machines.We always adhere to the business principle of “making better machine, providing first class service”, so our products have been trusted widely in many industries.
    Under the guidance of “professional, satisfactory, high performance-to-price ratio” policy, we always try to provide complete and thoughtful proposal to customers by our speciality and experience. What is more, we have a world class R&D team to ensure that we can design professional and innovative machines. We can also provide overseas installation, training, maintenance and commissioning services for each client to confirm that they can operate HARSLE machines properly and enjoy high performance and best service during operation. We devote to different forms of customer service, strengthen customer care through relevant thematic services, continuously form a good reputation, and quickly improve brand reputation and customer satisfaction.


Handheld Welding Machine Guide.jpg
Handheld Welding Machine Guide
Welcome to our guide on using a handheld welding machine. Proper parameter adjustments are crucial for achieving high-quality welds. This article will provide essential welding principles, a detailed process example, and tips for fine-tuning your machine.
July 24, 2024
DELEM DA-41S operation manual and introduction
The DA-41 is a programmable control for conventional press brake machines. This manual assumes that the DA-41 is configured using the bending depth formula. If the unit is configured for bending depth calculation based on tables please refer to the version 2 user manual (8064-901C). If you are not sure which method is configured please contact your machine supplier.
August 31, 2021
Guillotine Shearing Machine Operation Tutorial Applicable for DAC-360T
This article introduces the tutorial for the guillotine shearing machine with DAC-360T controller and how the shearing machine works and a detailed video included also shows the operation processes.
July 17, 2024


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