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  • Hydraulic Press Installation and Testing Guide

    Recently, HARSLE's senior engineer completed a five-day trip to Thailand and returned to Ningbo smoothly. The purpose of this trip was to assist clients with the installation and testing of the hydraulic press, as well as provide guidance on usage and maintenance. The entire process went very smooth

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  • HARSLE Engineer's Saudi Arabia Installation Guidance Tour

    Recently, HARSLE dispatched a senior engineer to Saudi Arabia for the installation and operation of the machine. The customer was very satisfied and the transnational instruction went smoothly.

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  • “Super HARSLE Press Brake” From Uzbekistan Feedback

    HARSLE is a professional enterprise that manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brakes, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, power presses, ironworkers, and other metalworking machines. We follow innovations and grow together with our customers, and we follow the developments and technology

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  • Mexician Customer Speaks Highly of HARSLE Door Embossing Machine

    I have introduced so much about the cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic presses because the sales of hydraulic press products have increased on a large scale as the year is approaching. The production process and operation of the large hydraulic press are difficult

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  • Positive Reviews from Bulgaria for WC67K-100T/3200 Press Brake

    This is a recent after-sale service in Bulgaria. HARSLE quality and after-sales service have been highly evaluated by customers. Mr. Boris is our customer in Bulgaria, he brought HARSLE WC67K-100T/3200 in 2019.

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  • The Epidemic Can't Stop us - HARSLE Electro-Hydraulic Bending Machines at The Polish Exhibition!

    Recently, our Polish agent took our electro-hydraulic bending machines to a large local exhibition in Poland - Industrial Spring.

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  • Another Agent Successfully Signed - Filipino Middleman

    From September 2021 to this month, the Philippine customer Mr. T has placed 5 orders one after another with HARSLE, with a total of 13 machines for about US$200,000, and has signed a long-term agency agreement.During the past few orders, Mr T often praised our machines for their good quality

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  • HARSLE - A Solid Backing For Intermediaries

    In the more than ten years that we have been manufacturing and selling machines, we have had countless factories give us high marks after using our machines, ask us for advice on purchasing new machines and even refer us to a number of new customers. But in addition to dealing with end customers,

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  • Economic Recovery After Covid 19 - Hydraulic Presses Exported to South Africa

    As one of the top local transport equipment companies in South Africa, Company M is responsible for most of the business in South Africa and the surrounding areas, which requires Company M not only to have good quality equipment but also strong production capacity.

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  • 2 Large Hydraulic Presses Exported to Canada

    Mr. P purchased a large hydraulic press of 1,350 tonnes from our company back in 2017. In 2019, before the epidemic, he purchased another large hydraulic press of the same tonnage. With the recent improvement in the international epidemic, Mr P has built a new factory

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