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Press Brake
HARSLE Genius Press Brake is the top level and it features the latest technology and  most advantages, DA-66T and DA-69T are widely used in this class.
HARSLE Smart Press Brake can support Max. 4+1 Axis and higher working speed, it is the best choice to meet demands in today's competitive markets.
HARSLE Econom Press Brake is the best choice for the startup company to save money or anyone who wants to use the machine in the easy way. 
Shearing Machine
HARSLE Guillotine Shearing machine can cut all kind of metal sheet to maintain the highest production capacity with maximum precision and quality.
Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine is a perfect choice with its modern design, durable heavy body and precise cutting quality.
Electric shearing machine is the economic option for startup company, it features fast cutting speed and money-saving.
Punching Machine
HARSLE is a leading brand within the punching market field due to its experience and quality standards. Mechanical press features simple operation and low maintenance, helical gear transmission. Pneumatic is equipped with wet/dry clutch and air cylinder and CNC control panel, it has fast working speed and safe operation system.
Hydraulic Press
HARSLE is the professional manufacturer for Hydraulic press including C frame type, Four-column type, deep-drawing press, hydroforming press and other customized presses. They are wided used in the field of cutting, stamping, bending, punching, forming, dreep-drawing, curling , etc.
Ironworker and Notcher
Hydraulic Ironworker is one of the multifunctional metal-working machine, It is wildly used in the small workshop and working on small work-piece. Hydraulic notching machine is a small machine which is only used for notching the angle on the sheet, its notching angle can be fixed and adjustable. CNC V grooving machine is mostly used in the decoration industry for fine finished products.
Laser Cutting Machine
HARSLE Provides world-class hardware and software solutions to the laser cutting control market, Our turnkey solution delivers powerful automation to support high-performing machines. Maximise machine working time with height following. Actively jump over cut parts to avoid collisions and errors in the path planning.
Rolling Machine
HARSLE is specializing in the design, manufacturing and sale of plate bending rolls, we offer the widest range of plate bending machines available on the international market. HARSLE bending rolls, suitable for bending plates in a variety of thicknesses, are technologically advanced products capable of bending varyingly thin or thick plates offering maximum precision, high productivity and long term reliability.
Door Production Line
HARSLE is first professional steel door production line machine manuacturer in China, we have made more than 50 successful cases in the world for customers. We are not only the machine manufacturer, but also the technical service provider, we offer coordinated services to help customers run the business in a better way.
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