HARSLE - A Solid Backing For Intermediaries
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HARSLE - A Solid Backing For Intermediaries

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In the more than ten years that we have been manufacturing and selling machines, we have had countless factories give us high marks after using our machines, ask us for advice on purchasing new machines and even refer us to a number of new customers. But in addition to dealing with end customers, HARSLE has another path to develop, and that is to work with quality middlemen or agents who can help us sell more good machines to people in need. Of course, we do not sign agency contracts lightly for orders. We strictly examine the agent's qualifications to see if he can recommend the right machine for the customer, if he really knows the machine and if he can help the customer in time and effectively in case of after-sales problems with the machine. This is because only when products and services go hand in hand can a company develop in the long run and deserve to be called a good business.

hydraulic press

So when Mr Sa first contacted us at the end of November 2021 and said he wanted to sell our hydraulic presses as an intermediary for a long time, we took the first opportunity to learn all about his company. During our conversation, we learned that Mr Sa's company had been established for 15 years and that in addition to his head office and factory in Dubai, he also had a branch office in India and his main customer base was South East Asian countries. The machines they sell are very similar to ours, except that, due to the size and number of people in the factory, some of their machines are products made in collaboration with suppliers. Although they don't manufacture the machines themselves, they know them as well as our engineers do, and Mr Sa was able to deal with all the specialist knowledge we talked about. When it came to the after-sales aspect, he said that as most of the machines are sold in their own country or in neighbouring countries, they choose to come to the house when possible when there are complex problems with the machines. After understanding this, we immediately said we could work together and sent him the detailed parameters of the hydraulic press he was enquiring about.

hydraulic press

His enquiry was for a small 300T hydraulic press, but this was an experimental press and the end customer was located in Europe, so the machine had to meet not only the various experimental specifications but also the relevant EU standards. The end customer said that it did not matter if the machine was more expensive, but it had to be of good quality and high precision; Mr Sa also said that if the machine was of good quality, not only would they place another order for a new machine in March 2022, but they would also be the first to contact us whenever they had an order for a hydraulic press in the future.

hydraulic press

Although this experimental hydraulic press had many special design requirements, it was not difficult for our engineers as we sell nearly dozens of hydraulic presses a year, from mini to super large, from laboratory to construction site machines, HARSLE not only produces hydraulic presses in good quantity and quality but also has extensive experience in producing customised machines. Once the final solution was decided, our team quickly went into production and the machine was finally fully completed at the beginning of this month. Both Mr Sa and the end customer were so impressed with the machine that they immediately called for the final payment together with a deposit for a new order. The new order is for a Y32-300T hydraulic press, which has now been put into production and I believe it will also live up to Mr Sa's expectations.

hydraulic press

In fact, no matter to the intermediaries, agents or end customers, HARSLE always maintains the concept of "providing the best machine and the best service to customers", hoping to help more customers in the future, and also hoping to be the most solid support for customers.

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