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JH25 Two-point Pneumatic Punch Press

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1. Big working table for more purpose
2. Whole welded structure with high rigidity
3. Slider with good guidance and accuracy
4. World famous configurations for better quality

  • JH25

Product Description

  1. The press has big worktable and it is suitable for large and thin plate and automatic progressive die production, it can improve working efficiency.

  2. The high-quality steel plate welded structure greatly improves the strength and rigidity of the machine.

  3. The double crankshaft reverse transmission is used to improve the anti-eccentric load capacity of the power press

  4. The slider adopts six-sided rectangular guide rail which has good guidance and high precision.

  5. The press adopts high torque wet friction clutch which features stable operation, low noise, long service life, safe and reliable.

  6. The pneumatic press has the motorized die adjustment and its reading accuracy is up to 0.1mm.

  7. The punch adopts centralized lubrication and has a circulation indicating device.

  8. It can be equipped with various types of automated peripheral equipment which greatly improves the productivity.

  9. Word famous electrical components will improve the machine performance.


Nominal CapacityKN110016002000
Nominal Strokemm567
Slide Stroke Lengthmm180200250
Slide StrokeFixed times/min504535

Max. Die Set Heightmm400450500
Die Height Adjustmentmm90100110
Throat Depthmm350390430
Distance Between Uprightsmm147016001920
Bolster SizeF x Bmm680760840

L x Rmm188020402420
Bolster Thicknessmm155165170
Bolster SizeF x Bmm520580650

L x Rmm140015001850
Bolster Surface Heightmm9009001000
Overall SizeF x Bmm182020802370

L x Rmm192021002450

Motor PowerKw1118.522
Press PressureMpa0.5

Nominal CapacityKN25003150
Nominal Strokemm77
Slide Stroke Lengthmm280280
Slide StrokeFixed times/min3030

Max. Die Set Heightmm550550
Die Height Adjustmentmm120120
Throat Depthmm470490
Distance Between Uprightsmm21702190
Bolster SizeF x Bmm920940

L x Rmm27002800
Bolster Thicknessmm180190
Bolster SizeF x Bmm700700

L x Rmm21002100
Bolster Surface Heightmm11001090
Overall SizeF x Bmm26902730

L x Rmm27302840

Motor PowerKw3037
Press PressureMpa0.5

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