How to Choose Press Brake Machines
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How to Choose Press Brake Machines

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Sometimes we will be confused when we want to buy the press brake for working, the main reason is that we can not learn the main differences between each kind of press brake machine, today, we will teach you how to choose the best press brake for yourself.

Normal NC Press Brake


  • Standard Configuration System:E21(ESTUN) , MD320(SANYUAN)

  • Axes:X-axis(Back and forth movement of the back gauge), Y-axis(Up and down of the ram)

  • Back Gauge and cylinder Travel(Y-axis)Motor Control:AC Motor (Alternating current)

  • Operating Principles:The controller drives the motor which rotates the encoder at the mean time ,and then the loop feedback signal will be transmitted from encoder to the controller. The controller will know the working condition of motor, such as the rotating speed, moving position, moving distance and so on.Then the controller will control the motor by the feedback sigal from encoder, such as speed changes, moving position and distance.

  • System Function:Single programming, multiple programming .For example, E21 could store up to 40 programs and up to 25 bends per program.


  • For the workers it is easy to learn how to operate, price is cheap and easy for maintenance .It is ideally suitable for small enterprises or the startup enterprises.


  • It does not support angular programming. The bending efficiency for work-piece with various bending angles is quite low,lower bending precision.

Torsion Bar NC Press Brake


  • Control System:DA-41S(DELEM), E300(ESTUN), TP10(Hexin)

  • Axes:X-axis(Back and Forth movement of the Back gauge),Y-axis(Up and Down of the Ram)

  • X-axis、Y-axis Motor:Servo motors

  • Operating Principles:The controller transmits signal to the servo drive, which transmits signal to servo motor to control each axis.

  • System Function:angular programming(The most important difference with normal NC Press Brake), punch and die library, single programming , multiple programming . 


  • Angular programming is available. Improve the bending efficiency of work-piece with various angles, which is ideally suitable for middle-size enterprises which want to buy new machines for raising productivity. The back gauge can position quickly and accurately.


  • The balance structure is torsion bar, it depends on balance shaft to force them to be synchronously. Which causes the problem of low precision of synchronization、no error feedback、performance of bending ram resists shifting and loading is weak .

Electro-Hydraulic CNC Press Brake


  • Controlloer:DELEM series, CYBELEC series , ESA series.

  • Axes:X-axis(Back and forth movement of the back gauge), Y1 and Y2(Up and down movement of the left and right cylinders) , R-axis(Up and down movement of the back gauge), Z-axis(movement of back gauge stopper),V-axis(crowning)

  • Back gauge Control Motor:Servo Motor

  • Main Functions:Angular programming, back gauge multi-axes control, punch and die library, crowning control, graphics simulation.

  • Operating Principles:CNC controller controls electro-hydraulic proportional values ,the CNC controller of bending depth full closed loop is made up of the feedback of grating ruler .CNC controller controls the ball screw driving by AC Digital Servo system , forming a CNC mode of back gauge positioning semi-closed through disc type photoelectric encoder .

  • CNC Axis explanation:

     3+1 axis:Y1+Y2+X+V

     4+1 axis:Y1+Y2+X+R+V

     6+1 axis :Y1+Y2+X+R+Z1+Z2+V

     8+1 axis:Y1+Y2+X1+X2+R1+R2+Z1+Z2+V


  • The moving speed of ram and backstop is fast, which can help us save much working time. The developed length of raw material and bending process production can be automatically calculated. Full closed loop which with high bending accuracy .


  • The price is higher and ideally suitable for big companies or other client who has higher demands for products processing.


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