Power Press Maintenance And Repair Methods
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Power Press Maintenance And Repair Methods

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Power Press Maintenance

Power press Maintenance and repair methods In the process of industrial mechanical processing, it is often necessary to use various molds, so that the production can be quantified and the efficiency of the assembly line is higher. The punch press is a large pressure machine often used in the manufacturing industry, for the processing of plates to produce a variety of desired effects. However, large-scale equipment requires frequent maintenance to achieve the highest efficiency at work and avoid safety accidents. Let's take a look at the maintenance and repair methods of the punch press.

Power Press Maintenance

Before Work Begins

● Punch workers must learn to master the structure and performance of the equipment, be familiar with the operating procedures and obtain the operating license before they can operate.

● Check for oil leakage and air leakage. Is there enough oil in the fuel tank? Check whether the air pressure is normal and whether the air tank is drained.

● Check the lubrication conditions of the transmissions, connections, friction parts of the punch press, and other parts of the machine tool and whether the protective safety devices are normal, and whether the manual oil pump should be filled with enough lubricating oil.

● Check that the mold pressing block is firmly and reliably fixed on the machine table, the upper and lower molds are aligned to ensure that the position is correct, the blanking hole cannot be blocked, and whether there are cracks, dents, or collapses in the upper and lower mold cavities. Confirm that the motor is stopped, use the special climbing rod for this punching machine to test punching, and ensure that the mold is working in good condition.

● Correctly use the safety protection and control devices on the equipment and do not dismantle them arbitrarily.

● Remove all floating objects from the bed. The motor must be started only when the clutch is disengaged.

● The machine tool should run dry for 2-3 minutes before working, check the flexibility of the foot brake and other control devices, and use it after confirming that it is normal and that it is not allowed to run with a disease.

● Work clothes and protective gloves must be worn before work; female workers must wear work caps, and braids must not be exposed outside the work caps; slippers are prohibited.

● Workers are prohibited from drinking alcohol within eight hours before work. Make sure you are in good spirits.

Power Press Maintenance

During Working Hours

● Regularly press the oil pump by hand to send lubricating oil

● It is absolutely forbidden to load two or more sheets at the same time.

● If the workpiece is stuck on the die, the punching machine should be stopped and researched, and dealt with in time.

● When working, the flash on the workbench should be removed in time, and pliers or brushes should be used when removing it.

● When doing shallow stretching work, pay attention to the cleanliness of the material and lubricate it. 6. When single flushing, hands, and feet are not allowed to be placed on the hand and foot brakes and must be moved (stepped) once for one flush to prevent accidents.

● Do not change the position of the blank on the die by hand.

● l When two or more people work together, the person responsible for moving (stepping) the gate must pay attention to the action of the feeder. It is strictly forbidden to move (step) the gate while picking up the parts.

● If there is an abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomena during the stamping work, immediately press the emergency stop switch to stop the work and disconnect the main power switch. Escalate research to deal with repairs.

● When the punch press is started or during punching, the operator should stand properly, keep a certain distance from the punch press with his hands and head, and pay attention to the punch movement at all times, and it is strictly forbidden to chat with others.

● It is forbidden to directly reach into the upper and lower dies to feed or pick up parts by hand.

● When punching long parts, a safety bracket should be set up or other safety measures should be taken to avoid digging injuries.

● When the work is over, stop in time, cut off the power supply, and close the air valve.

Power Press Maintenance

Do a Good Job of First-level Maintenance After the End

● Clean and clean the equipment.

● Oil the guide rail, crankshaft and connecting rod. Oil the screw ball head shaft.

● Check whether the manipulator and clutch brake are normal.

● Check whether the oil circuit and oil pump are in good condition.

● Do a good job of anti-rust protection for the punch table, guide rails, molds, etc. during holidays and holidays.

Power Press Maintenance

Secondary Maintenance Content

● Regularly check the operation of the transmission shaft, copper bushing, and bearings every 3 months, and disassemble and refuel or replace them.

● Check the manipulator clutch, disassemble and refuel, observe its wear, and repair or replace it.

Power Press Maintenance


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