What Is The Hot Press Machine? What Does It Do?
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What Is The Hot Press Machine? What Does It Do?

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A hot hydraulic press or a heat press machine is a device that offers easy press and operation. Heat transfer changes the internal energy of both systems involved according to the First Law of Thermodynamics. The heating-up speed is selectable according to different products. The titanium indenter ensures an even temperature, fast heat-up, and long service life. The pressure head is designed to be adjustable to ensure even pressure on the component. The temperature is controlled for clear precision. Digital pressure gauge with preset pressure range.

The wide application of hot press machines is reflected in the application of various man-made boards. Such as plywood, joinery board,  particle board, surface pressing and pasting of various decorative materials, decorative cloth, and so on. It can also be used for veneer drying and leveling, and the leveling and shaping of colorful decorative wood pieces, which is very effective. In the processing and manufacturing of wood, the hot press machine is the main machinery of woodworking machinery. Its position cannot be ignored. The high-quality hot press is a basic piece of equipment in manufacturing production. It is very suitable for small businesses, it can produce mouse pads, man-made boards, yoga mats, insulation foam, and so on.

The heat hydraulic press adopts advanced electronic control, which can complete the processing process through the change. It is powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so there should be enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is made up of the whole processing with steel plate, and the whole structure is reasonable, and the two working tables can be used in the cycle.

hot press machine

● Features

1. Adopting four columns and three plate structures, the movable plate is parallel to the table and has high precision.

2. The heat press Adopts pulse heating technology. Its temperature control is precise, and the temperature sampling frequency is 0.1s.

3.It uses a stroke adjustable cylinder with high accuracy of lower dead point positioning. Its stroke accuracy is optional at 0.01mm.

4. Single working platform, rotating working platform, left and right moving platform, and other diversified working modes.

5. Multi-stage temperature rises control.

6. Real-time temperature curve display.

7. Silicone belt indexing mechanism.

8. CCD vision system, providing accurate alignment.

9. Large capacity program pre-storage, touch operation interface, program password protection.

10. Separate temperature control of upper and lower heating templates, using an imported intelligent temperature controller, a small temperature difference range.

11. Adopt a famous Japanese brand of hydraulic components and electrical components, durable.

12. Easy design of oil pressure circuit, small horsepower demand, easy maintenance.

13. Safety guarantee, two-hand start button, emergency rise (emergency stop) switch, imported safety hand grating, and three-sided seal safety door.

14. According to the production process requirements, the hot press machine can be installed under the top cylinder or left and right clamping cylinder (back feeding cylinder).  The electronic control system can be configured according to the requirements; our hot press machine can accept non-standard customization.

15. It is very fast in use, making the work much more efficient. If the thickness of the work does not exceed twenty millimeters, then the time required for heat conduction with this heat press is very short. The thickness of the workpiece has a great influence on ordinary conduction heating. While using the hot press machine, the thickness of the workpiece has very little influence on the heating.

16. When using the machine to heat the work, it can make the heated workpiece heated better. The hot press can heat evenly both the inside and outside of the product, thus making the quality of the workpiece very good. The workpiece itself does not generate too much heat, it can make the adhesive curing strength to be improved.

17. Nowadays, there is a very high demand for environmental protection. The heat pressing machine is eco-friendly and it ensures both hygiene and safety under the premise of obtaining a good heating effect.

hot press machine

hot press machine


The working principle of the heat press is actually to process the equipment by adding positive pressure based on negative pressure with special glue. The hot press also has the characteristics of high pressure, low temperature, and short film pressure time.  When processing workpieces with negative pressure equipment, it solves the problem of deformation and makes the deformation of workpieces reduced. It ensures the quality and performance of products.

The press machines on the market with hot preparation can automatically complete the processing of table feeding, table raising, heating, vacuuming, forming, demolding, and table lowering. It is mainly driven by oil pressure and compressed air, so there should be enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is composed of steel plates, and the structure is reasonable. The two working tables can be recycled or used separately.

Pulse heating principle, due to the special design of the surface of the welding head, the resistance of the welding surface of our hot press machine is very small, and the current will pass through the section with the smallest resistance. By changing the voltage and adjusting the current level, the weld head is heated through. A 2000W transformer is used in our hot press machine to generate a high current at a low voltage, which heats the weld head. The greater the pulse ratio, the greater the current output and the faster the weld head heats up.

hot press machine


It can be divided into a thermostatic heat press, pulse heat press, duplex heat press, dual head pulse heat press, benchtop heat press, swing away heat press, etc. According to the different mediums of hot press machines, it can be classified as tin solder, ACF (anisotropic conductive tape), ACP (anisotropic conductive glue), and TBF (hot melt adhesive film). It is suitable for the connection of FPC (flexible circuit board), HSC (zebra paper), and TAB with LCD and PCB. As the Pitch of PCB or FPC in consumer electronics tends to be smaller, the traditional soldering process has been difficult to meet the requirements of very fine thermal pressure. the ACF process has been applied by cell phone designers.

Also, a positive pressure of the machine is added based on negative pressure with special glue, for the processing of PVC series, the line shape in place and pasting force is incomparable to the negative pressure equipment, due to its high pressure, low temperature, and short film pressure time, it solves the problem of deformation when processing workpieces (especially large area workpieces) by negative pressure equipment, so that the deformation of workpieces is reduced.

hot press machine

Technical requirements

1. Our machine adopts the hydraulic principle, high pressure, and balanced pressure application, the pressure fluctuation range of our hot press machine can be set and controlled, and pressure loss can be replenished at any time.

2. The machine has Haas' original full-automatic pressurization and replenishment function, no need for manual operation, and the pressure is controllable. The temperature control is imported from Japan, it ensures the accurate temperature of the hot press machine and saves electricity.

3. It is made of original steel to ensure that the equipment will never be deformed by high pressure.

4. Hydraulic core system: heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic valve set are manufactured by the German Rexroth brand. The heavy-duty hydraulic pump station adopts the famous German brand, the cylinder adopts Taiwan heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder, the automatic hydraulic valve block relief valve, and the one-way pressure-keeping valve is made in Italy. The use of German imports of solid oil seals ensures that the service life is extended.

5. Our hot press machine advanced automatic system, automatic pressurization, pressure-holding, and pressure-replenishment so that the plate is subjected to uniform pressure from the beginning to the end.

6. The heat plate of the machine is made of solid longitudinal drilled steel plate, with good precision and durability of the pressure plate. Its hot pressing system heats up quickly. The pressure adjustment is also quite easy. And the heating system and heat conduction system are designed in sections, with low heat consumption and uniform heat conduction.

hot press machine


● Common Failure Analysis

During the use of the hot press machine, some faults are usually encountered, which directly affects normal production. This article will give you an analysis of common faults.

1. Poor lubrication or excessive machining of hydraulic cylinder bore

Because the piston and the cylinder, the guide rail and the piston rod have relative movement, if the lubrication is poor or the hydraulic cylinder aperture processing is excessively poor, the wear will be intensified, and the linearity of the cylinder center line will be reduced. Thus, when the piston is operated in a hydraulic cylinder, the frictional resistance will be large and small, causing slippage or creeping. The solution is to first grind the hydraulic cylinder, then prepare the piston according to the requirements, repair the piston rod, and configure the guide sleeve.

2. Hydraulic cylinder internal stagnation

The internal parts of the hydraulic cylinder are improperly assembled, the parts are deformed, the wear or the geometrical tolerances are over-limit, and the action resistance is too large, so that the piston speed of the hydraulic cylinder changes with the stroke position, and slips or crawls. Most of the reasons are due to poor assembly quality of the parts, scratches on the surface or iron filings from sintering, which increase the resistance and decrease the speed. The solution is to re-repair or adjust, replace damaged parts and remove iron filings.

The hydraulic pump or hydraulic cylinder enters the air. The elimination measures are to check the hydraulic pump, set up a special exhaust device, and quickly operate the full-stroke and exhaust several times.

3. Overflow valve failure

First check if the adjustment pressure is too low, fully open the relief valve, start the hydraulic pump, and work the reversing valve A in the left position. Gradually tighten the pressure regulating handwheel of the relief valve to observe the change of the pressure gauge.


No matter how to tighten the pressure hand wheel, the maximum pressure indicated by the pressure gauge is only 6MPa, and the working pressure of the pump cannot reach 21MPa, indicating that the pressure is not going up. The relief valve pressure is not high, it may be a relief valve failure, or other reasons.

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