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Horizontal Metal Sheet CNC V-Grooving Machine, Stainless Steel CNC V Slotting Machine

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1. High rigidity machine structure
2. Overseas installation service available
3. Three-year quality warranty
  • HSKC


  1. HSKC Horizontal CNC V-Grooving machine's frame and beam are designed with frame structure. The overall rigidity of the machine is good and durable.

  2. Strictly in accordance with the machine tool processing technology, using electric furnace tempering, eliminating welding stress and reducing equipment deformation.

  3. The metal sheet is fixed by hydraulic clamping system, which has high slotting speed and ensures strong clamping force. The hydraulic system has accumulator compensation and servo motors can save energy and decrease oil temperature.

  4. The HSKC Horizontal CNC V-Grooving machine uses four knives to make the “V” groove, so the cutting result will be uniform and the deformation of the workpiece will be reduced. The optional micro-cooling system can extend the tool life and reduce production costs.

  5. This machine can work both vertically and horizontally, also can work on both front and back side of the metal sheet.

  6. Working speed can be adjusted according to the material and operator.

Product Description

开槽机 (1)stainless steel grooving machinestainless steel grooving machinestainless steel grooving machinestainless steel grooving machine





Material                               STS304&Q235
Length      3200mm      4000mm      6000mm
Width                                       1200mm
Thickness                  0.6mm-4mm(Sheet Flatness<3mm)
Minimum edge                                          8mm



Control Type                     3-axis CNC control(Y1、Y2、Z)
Display                      10 inch HD LCD color screen
Memory Capacity20 groups,112 channels/group(additional SD card extension)
Working System              Ball screw/linear guide/rack and pinion

Machining Sped

Forward-Cutting           60m/min(Variable Frequency Conversion)
Backward                                       55m/min
Tool Holder (Y1 axis) and End Pressure Material (Y2 axis)                                       20m/min
Z-Axis UP-Down                                       20m/min



Y1 Precision                                       0.01mm
Y1 Stoke                                       1250mm
Z Precision                                       0.01mm
Z Stoke                                         50mm

Driving Mode

X-Axis                       4.5KW SEW Converter Motor
Z-Axis                       0.85KW Yaskawa Servo Motor
Y1&Y2                       0.85KW Yaskawa Servo Motor
Clamping DevicePneumatic                                 0.3-0.6Mpa


Length      5200mm      6000mm     8000mm
Width                                       2380mm
Height                                       1580mm
       7200kg        8000kg     10000kg
Table Flatness                                    ±0.02mm/M


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