Research on Development and Application of Plate Rolling Machine
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Research on Development and Application of Plate Rolling Machine

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Rolling machine is a kind of bending forming correction processing machine. It is used to bend various metal materials into a circle according to the principle of three points or through the interaction of various external forces such as overall hydraulic pressure and mechanical driving force. The overall working shaft and the roller are moved laterally, and the change in the relative position angle of the overall working shaft and the roller and the movement of the rotating shaft are used to enable the continuous elastic-plastic bending of the metal sheet to finally obtain a predetermined shape and high A metal sheet forming and processing equipment for accurately forming workpieces. It uses various work shaft roller parts whose work axes are parallel to each other as the main components of the work roll. Through its conversion of mechanical, hydraulic and other energy shafts as kinetic energy during axial movement, it makes the entire work roll possible achieve changes in axial position and movement in axial rotation.

Development status of plate rolling machine at home and abroad

The application of the plate rolling machine in different countries is different. The foreign plate rolling machine industry has developed better. The countries with more complete technologies are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Among them, Swiss Chr.Haeusler and Japan Fuji Vehicle Company The most representative.

The country started late. For decades, the country has attached great importance to it and issued some policy support. In addition, with the improvement of comprehensive national strength, related scientific and technological breakthroughs in the mechanical field have been laid, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of the domestic plate rolling machine industry. With the continuous development of modern scientific information technology, cross-cooperation between various technical fields, the state and government and related fields are paying more and more attention to the study and introduction of foreign related technologies. On the whole, with the continuous research, study and deepening of foreign advanced coil processing technology, the adjustable coil three-roller and flat plate four-roller produced by Chinese enterprises have more and more replaced the domestic coil processing equipment. Symmetrical roll-to-roll three-roller and flatbed machine that have always occupied the main application position. In addition, with the continuous advancement of domestic hydraulic coiling product manufacturing and production technology, the working precision and performance of domestic new hydraulic coiling components have gradually reached a higher international level. At present, small, medium and high-power hydraulic plate bending machines for hydraulic rolling medium and thin plates need to be driven by hydraulic mechanical transmission or machine, liquid hydraulic hybrid machinery, and many large, medium and small power hydraulic plate bending machines for hydraulic rolling thick plates Need to use a hydraulic motor drive or multiple generators to drive jointly. The professional machine tool factories produced by domestic large-scale coiled steel plate machine tool factories include Nantong, Jiangsu.

The classification of plate rolling machine
The plate rolling machine has different classification standards and classification methods. According to the requirements of use, such as different application occasions, different industry fields, different ranges of use, etc., its type and classification are also different, the same transmission mode and their respective technical parameters Generally different. Common classification methods are according to the number of rolls of the plate rolling machine, the thickness of the plate rolling machine, etc., such as the overall number of rolls can be divided into three roll plate rolling machine and four roll plate rolling machine. According to the thickness of the coiling plate, the plate rolling machine can be roughly divided into two categories, small thin plate rolling machine and medium plate.
Application of plate rolling machine
The relevant technology and products of the plate rolling machine are widely used in various industries, and play an irreplaceable role, which is of great significance in my country's production and life. The "rolling machine rolling package" in industrial production is often used in various wind tower towers, such as offshore wind towers and power station towers on mountain peaks; the manufacture of offshore wind tower bases and tripods is also inseparable from the rolling of the winder Heavy plate and high-strength steel; some parts produced by the plate rolling machine are good choices for the production of aircraft and aerospace components, such as wing and fuselage parts, components of aviation carriers and conveyors, etc.; used in the shipbuilding industry Manufacture products of different shapes. In the energy sector, three-roller and four-roller machines can roll heavy, extra-thick sheets to build nuclear reactor vessels and turbine casings. High-tech three-roller and four-roller machines have become highly accurate It is the first choice for top manufacturers of large components, and is often used in industries such as boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and vehicle storage tanks. The high-strength thick plate and special surface smooth steel plate rolled by the plate rolling machine are the best choice for bulldozing equipment; finally, the production of heavy and large-size structural parts is also inseparable from the angle steel rolling and profile rolling of the plate rolling machine.

Although China's plate rolling machine has achieved tremendous development, there are still some technical problems in the industry as a whole. The level of integrated and synergistic technology between information processing systems needs to be continuously increased, and there is a lack of a set to adapt to the development of different industries. In order to meet the needs of the automatic information processing system, China's intelligent plate rolling machine should adapt to the newest wave of emerging economies and the rapid development of globalization as soon as possible, adapt to the new national development strategy, and accelerate the deepening of structural adjustment and industrial transformation of roll plate machine manufacturers Renovation and upgrading, the introduction, digestion, and absorption of foreign advanced equipment technology, using foreign innovative technology as the driving force to lead the industry development, progress and independent innovation, can accelerate the strengthening and expansion of China's large-scale roll plate machine equipment manufacturing industry.


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