Standard Features of Hydraulic Shearing Machine
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Standard Features of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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The hydraulic shearing machine is provided for cutting metal-steel plate, and capacity is based on plate strength of 450N/mm2. Please correct the plate thickness if cut other material plate with different strength.

Sheet plate welded structure is adopted, easy operation and reliable performance. Cutting is driven by hydraulic pressure, and return is by nitrogen gas cylinder, which can protect the machine from overload. Fitted with digital display system or numerical control system as customer`s request.

Blade gap with indicator for a handy and prompt adjustment. Alignment device with lighting, cutting stroke can be adjusted to improve the efficiency of cutting narrow plates. Front support arms and back gauge are equipped. The front supporting arms are ruler counted. Rolling material support ball is provided on worktable to minimize fish tail with sheet bar and to reduce frictional resistance.

Installed safety fence, ensure the operation safety.

Frame of hydraulic shearing machine

Machine frame

Steel-welded plate, high rigidity. Two cylinders are fixed on left and right vertical pole. Installed vice cut-board on worktable conveniently adjust low-cut board. Keep the gap between up-cut and low-cut coincidence. Install feed ball on worktable, operation convenient and fast.

Cutting frame

Welded plate, high rigidity, is support at eccentric socket,by left and right cylinders and stroke cylinder drive, finish cutting by pendulum repeat.

The vertical surface of up-cut support is curve, keep the gap between up-cut and low-cut coincidence.

Pressure device(hold down)

It is consisted of some pressure feed cylinders installed at support board in front of machine frame. Oil flow in pressure feed cylinder, pressure head press down against the pull force of stress spring,press plate tightly. Finish cutting, the cylinders are reset by the pull force of stress spring. The pressure is bigger as thicker as the thickness of plate. 

Front gauge and back gauge

Front gauge:fixed on worktable, valve display on ruler, adjust mobile bar to necessity valve. When cut thin steel plate, cut it conveniently on front gauge.

Back gauge fixed on up-cut board,pendulum up and down as up-cut board. Adjust back gauge by 0.55kw motor, reduce through gear, and drive by control rod. Brake down the button +or-, can adjust gauge to front or back. When mechanic adjustment cannot get the necessity valve, turn hand-wheel to demand valve, the adjustment of back gauge is convenient and reliability.

The standard range of back gauge is 20-750mm. When the length of cutting plate is longer than the max distance of back gauge, remove the back gauge to the least place, lift up the board by the incline surface of support frame, then can cut any length of plate.

Standard features of hydraulic shearing machine

hydraulic shearing machine

hydraulic shearing machine


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