100 ton Shop Hydraulic Press Machine for Sale
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100 ton Shop Hydraulic Press Machine for Sale

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Product Description

YL-100T Shop Press Machine, 100 ton hydraulic press machine for sale. The machine adopts an all-steel gantry structure, which has undergone vibration aging treatment to reduce the amount of mechanical deformation. The frame is designed through finite element design with high rigidity and high precision. 

The gantry hydraulic machine table can move up and down, which greatly expands the opening and closing height of the machine and makes it more convenient to use. It is composed of the main cylinder, hydraulic power system, and electrical system. The workbench is welded with high-quality steel plates to ensure reliability and durability.

100 ton hydraulic press

Technical Parameters
No Item Unit 100T
1 Normal force kN 1000
2 System pressure Mpa 25
3 Working table size mm 650*440
4 Down speed mm/s 25
5 Return speed mm/s 30
6 Motor power KW 7.5
7 Dimension Length mm 1200
8 Width mm 650
9 Height mm 1950
10 Weight kg 1000
Product details

100 ton hydraulic press

100 ton hydraulic press100 ton hydraulic press

100 ton hydraulic press

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