100T CNC Press Brake Machine with DA53T
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100T CNC Press Brake Machine with DA53T

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Press Brake Machine with DA53T

CNC Press Brake

A 100-ton press brake is a specific type of CNC press brake with a tonnage capacity of 100 tons. The tonnage capacity of a press brake refers to the maximum force or pressure it can exert to bend or shape metal. In the case of a 100-ton press brake, it can generate 100 tons (200,000 pounds) of force to bend metal.

Here are some key points about a 100-ton press brake:

Tonnage Capacity: As mentioned, the primary characteristic of a 100-ton press brake is its tonnage capacity, which represents the maximum force it can apply to the material being bent. This capacity is suitable for bending relatively thick and strong materials, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Bending Capacity: A 100-ton press brake can handle a variety of metal materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys. The bending capacity depends on factors such as the material's thickness, length, and the specific tooling used.

Versatility: Press brakes with a 100-ton capacity are versatile and can be used for a wide range of metal fabrication tasks. They are commonly employed in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and general metalworking.

CNC Control: Like other CNC press brakes, a 100-ton press brake is equipped with a computer numerical control system that allows operators to program and control the bending process with precision. This control system enables complex bending sequences and ensures accuracy and repeatability.

Tooling: To perform various bending operations and achieve different bending profiles and angles, a 100-ton press brake utilizes a variety of tooling options, including punches and dies.

Bed Length: The length of the press brake's bed can vary, and it determines the maximum size of the metal sheets or plates that can be bent on the machine. Different bed lengths are available to suit various job requirements.

Backgauge System: Many 100-ton press brakes come with a backgauge system that assists in accurately positioning the workpiece for each bend, ensuring consistent results.

Safety Features: Safety features such as safety light curtains, interlock systems, and emergency stop buttons are essential components of press brakes to protect operators from accidents.

A 100-ton press brake is considered a mid-sized machine in the world of metal fabrication and can handle a wide range of projects, from small parts to larger components. The tonnage capacity is an important consideration when selecting a press brake to ensure that it can handle the specific materials and thicknesses required for your manufacturing needs.

Press Brake Machine with DA53T

Main Features

Smart Press Brake is equipped with DELEM DA-53T controller, SIEMENS main motor, the working area LED lighting, CNC motorized crowning system, adjustable stop fingers can not only move in left and right direction but also can be fine adjusted, which ensures the bending accuracy within the controlled range, its front part is with tempering and other special treatment for long service life, the back gauge X and R axes, SCHNEIDER electrical parts, pedal switch with emergency button, special treatments to punch and die, not easy to wear, strong and durable, front arm on linear guide with ball design can ensure the plate will not be worn or scratched, the servo driver runs each axis which ensures the bending accuracy and efficient production.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 100T/4000
1 Bending Force kN 1000
2 Bending Length mm 4000
3 Columns Distance mm 3200
4 Throat Depth mm 400
5 Ram Stroke mm 200
6 Daylight mm 480
7 Table Width mm 100
9 Oil Tank L 280
10 Front Support PCS 2
11 Main AC Motor KW 7.5
12 Pump Displacement ML/R 16
13 Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 28
14 Dimension Length mm 4400
15 Width mm 1600
16 Height mm 2650
17 Speed Rapid Speed mm/sec 200
18 Working Speed mm/sec 0-15
19 Return Speed mm/sec 160
20 Backgauge X-Axis Travel mm 550
21 R-Axis Travel mm 160
22 Positioning Accuracy mm 0.05
23 Stop Finger pcs 4

Product Details

Press Brake Machine with DA53TPress Brake Machine with DA53TPress Brake Machine with DA53TPress Brake Machine with DA53TPress Brake Machine with DA53T

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