250-ton CNC Press Brake Machine with DA-53T for Sheet Metal
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250-ton CNC Press Brake Machine with DA-53T for Sheet Metal

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250-ton CNC Press Brake

CNC Press Brake

HARSLE smart press brake features a rigid frame for minimum deflection underthe load. Machine welding is made by welding apparatus & welding robots. Afterthe welding, we make a stress relief process by high-temperature tempering orvibration system to improve the mechanical properties of materials, reducedeformation and rebound, improve the stability and durability of the workpiece,and machine frame sensitivity is protected for a long lifetime.

The machining process can handle large workpieces due to their overhead structure and extended range of movement. lt can be automated and integrated with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, enabling efficient and consistent production to perform a wide range of machining tasks, including milling, drilling, cutting, and trimming.

250-ton CNC Press Brake

Main Features

A press brake machine is a piece of equipment used in metalworking to bend sheet metal. It's commonly used in industries like manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more. The machine works by clamping the sheet metal between a matching punch and die, then applying force to bend the metal to the desired angle.

Press brakes come in various sizes and capacities, from small manual machines used for light-duty work to large automated CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines capable of bending thick and heavy sheets with precision.

Operating a press brake involves setting up the machine, selecting the appropriate tooling, programming the bend angles and dimensions (for CNC machines), loading the material, and then initiating the bending process. Safety precautions are crucial when operating press brake machines due to the potential hazards of working with heavy machinery and sharp metal edges.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 250T/3200
1 Bending Force kN 250
2 Bending Length mm 3200
3 Columns Distance mm 2600
4 Throat Depth mm 400
5 Ram Stroke mm 250
6 Daylight mm 525
7 Table Width mm 260
8 Oil Tank L 300
9 Front Support PCS 2
10 Main AC Motor KW 18.5
11 Pump Displacement ML/R 40
12 Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 28
13 Dimension Length mm 3600
14 Width mm 1900
15 Height mm 2850
16 Speed Rapid Speed mm/sec 160
17 Working Speed mm/sec 0-15
18 Return Speed mm/sec 140
19 Backgauge X-Axis Travel mm 650
20 R-Axis Travel mm 200
21 Positioning Accuracy mm 0.05
22 Stop Finger pcs 4

Product Details

250-ton CNC Press Brake250-ton CNC Press Brake250-ton CNC Press Brake250-ton CNC Press Brake250-ton CNC Press Brake250-ton CNC Press Brake

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