500T Servo Four-column Hydraulic Press Machine
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500T Servo Four-column Hydraulic Press Machine

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Servo Four-column Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

A deep drawing hydraulic press is a specialized type of hydraulic press used for the process of deep drawing. Deep drawing is a metal forming technique used to create complex shapes from sheet metal. The process involves placing a sheet of metal over a die and then using a punch to press the metal into the die cavity, forming it into the desired shape.

A deep drawing hydraulic press utilizes hydraulic power to apply a high force to the punch, which in turn forces the sheet metal into the die. Hydraulic presses are chosen for deep drawing applications because they can generate the high forces required for the process, and they offer precise control over the applied force, speed, and stroke length.

Deep drawing hydraulic presses can vary in terms of their tonnage (force capacity), bed size, stroke length, speed, and control features. These presses are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, and metal fabrication, where complex and precise metal components are required.

Hydraulic Press

Main Features

● Computer optimized design, 3-beam, 4-column structure, simple but with high performance price ratio.

● Cartridge valve integral unit equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, with shorter connection pipeline and fewer releases points.

● Independent electrical control, reliable, audio-visual and convenient for maintenance.

● Centralized button control system, with adjustment, hand and semi-auto operation modes at operator's choice.

● Fixed stroke forming process or fixed pressure forming process selected through control panel, with pressure hold and time delay functions.

● The operating force, no-load traveling and, low-speed movement and travel range can be adjusted subject to technological requirements. The frame is entirely welded with steel plates and treated to relive stress by tempering.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit Y32-500T
1 Nominal Force KN 5000
2 Knockout force KN 1000
3 Max opening height mm 1500
4 Slide stroke mm 900
5 Knockout stroke mm 360
6 Worktable size L-R mm 1400
F-B mm 1400
7 Speed Fast down mm/s >100
Working mm/s 4~10
Return mm/s 50
8 Table height above floor mm 715
9 Dimension Front and Back mm 3300
Left and Right mm 1500
Height mm 5400
10 Motor power kw 22

Product Details

Hydraulic PressHydraulic PressHydraulic PressHydraulic Press

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