8 ft Hydraulic Press Brake With DA66T
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8 ft Hydraulic Press Brake With DA66T

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Hydraulic Press Brake

8 ft Hydraulic Press Brake

A hydraulic press brake is a machine tool used to bend sheet metal and other materials. An 8 ft hydraulic press brake refers to a press brake with a bending length of 8 feet, which means it can bend materials up to 8 feet long.

The hydraulic press brake uses hydraulic force to apply pressure to a punch and die set, which then bend the material. The operator can control the amount of pressure applied, the speed of the bend, and the angle of the bend.

An 8 ft hydraulic press brake is typically used in metal fabrication shops and other manufacturing facilities to create precise and repeatable bends in a variety of materials. It can handle thicker materials than a manual press brake and can be more efficient and accurate than other types of bending machines.

When purchasing an 8 ft hydraulic press brake, it is important to consider factors such as the tonnage capacity, the speed of the machine, the accuracy of the control system, and the ease of maintenance and repair. It is also important to ensure that the machine meets all necessary safety standards and regulations.


Main Features

● The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the CNC press brake.

● WE67K Series CNC press brake is redesigned based on users’ preference to increase productivity and keep the costs at minimum level with high bending accuracy and low-cost maintenance.

● Bending angle calculation and back gauge position calculation can be achieve by inputting metal sheet material information, sheet size and punch and die size.

● Crowning system can work with CNC controller automatically to achieve higher bending accuracy and linearity. Hydraulic crowning and motorized crowing system are optional.

● CNC back gauge with several axes can work with different shape work-pieces well.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 160T/3200
1 Bending force kW 1600
2 Bending length mm 3200
3 Columns distance mm 2700
4 Throat depth mm 400
5 Cylinder stroke(Y1,Y2) mm 200
6 Die loading height(Daylight) mm 420
7 Y-axis down speed mm/sec 180
8 Y-axis return speed mm/sec 120
9 Y-axis working speed mm/sec 4~15(adjustable)
10 Y-axis accuracy mm ±0.01
11 Work-piece linearity mm 0.3/m
12 Max. Back gauge distance mm 500
13 X-axis(R-axis) speed mm/sec 400
14 X-axis (R-axis) accuracy mm ±0.01
15 Front sliding arms pcs 2
16 Bending angle accuracy ( ' ) ≤±18
17 Back gauge finger stopper pcs 4
18 Main motor KW 11
19 Dimension Length(mm) 3500
Width(mm) 1650
Height(mm) 2500
20 Weight kg 10000

Product Details



Hydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic Press Brake

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