China Q35Y-40 Hydraulic Ironworker
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China Q35Y-40 Hydraulic Ironworker

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Hydraulic Ironworker

HARSLE Q35Y-30 hydraulic ironworker is a functional machine that can cut, bend, punch, shear, notch. This is wildly used in the field of the metal-working industry. please feel free to contact us to get a quote.

China Hydraulic Ironworker

Main Features

● Double-cylinder hydraulic punch & shear machine

● Five independent stations for punching, shearing, notching, cutting and bending

● Large punching table with multi-purpose bolster.

● Rear notching station, low power inching and adjustable stroke at punching station

● Centralised pressure lubrication system

● Electric panel with overload protection elements and integrated controls

● Safety movable foot pedal

Technical Parameter

No Function Item Unit Q35Y-40
1 Shearing Plate Angle of shearing °
Max shearing thickness mm 40
Flat bar (W*T)mm 400×35
2 Shearing bar Round steel mm 70
Square steel mm 60×60
90° shearing of equal-angle steel mm 200×200×18
45° shearing of equal-angle steel mm 100×100×10
90° shearing of T-bar mm 200×200×18
I-beam steel mm 300×126×11
Channel steel mm 300×89×12
3 Notch Thickness mm 14
Width mm 100
Depth mm 100
4 Punching hole Max. punching thickness mm 35
Max. diameter of punching mm 40
Punching pressure Ton 200
Depth of throat mm 600
Max. length of cylinder stroke mm 80
Stroke times Times/min 10
5 Material strength N/mm ⊃2; 450
6 Motor power KW 15/18.5
7 Overall dimensions L*W*H 2970*1240*2350
8 Net. Weight KG 9200

Product Details

China Hydraulic IronworkerChina Hydraulic IronworkerChina Hydraulic Ironworker


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